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MLT ASCP Classes Of MLSIA MLT ASCP Course by MLSIAcademy

MLSIA MLT ASCP Classes by MLSIAcademy

Consider the level of your learning for the MLT ASCP exam when you get it by asking questions face-to-face from experts. delivers MLT ASCP classes that offer deep understanding by establishing an interactive environment.

  • Once you subscribe to the MLSIA MLT ASCP course, you will access live classes through a Zoom link.
  • The academy also records all the lectures and attaches them to your course on your demand in case you miss the classes due to any reason or want to watch them again for clear comprehension.

ASCP certifications are the dream of every lab professional due to their unbelievable miracles.

However, getting all ASCP certifications, including the MLT, is a hard nut to crack due to its complicated and challenging nature.

Every year, hundreds of professionals sit to ace the ASCP medical lab technician exam but a lot of them fail it due to lack of preparation.

So always choose the perfect medical laboratory technician course that provides all necessary resources, including the MLT ASCP classes, and guarantees first-trail success.

You should divert your attention to MLSi Academy when you are searching for the best MLT ASCP prep course providers; it presents all that you really need.

In this article, we will explore the features of MLSIA MLT ASCP classes and explain the reason why you should rely on it.

Furthermore, you will also know the tips and strategies to pass the ASCP with ease.

Understanding the MLT ASCP Certification

The MLT ASCP represents the medical lab technician certification through the ASCP Board of Certification.

It may be a laboratory technician or a medical laboratory technician.

You can only qualify for this certificate after meeting the ASCP eligibility requirements and passing the exam.

For MLT (ASCP) certification preparation, you have to gain knowledge in different content areas, including lab operation, hematology, microbiology, blood and other body fluids, immunology, chemistry, and blood banking.

The responsibility of a medical lab technician is to collect the specimens and perform necessary experiments for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders.

With MLT ASCP certification

  • You will get job opportunities and receive a higher salary
  • Opportunities to work with experts and get their experience
  • Career development programs that enhance skills and experience
  • Career satisfaction
  • Odds to stay updated with the field through continuing education for MLT.

Eligibility Criteria for MLT ASCP Exam

The ASCP Board of Certification designs its certificate for both U.S. and international professionals.

Although the exam content areas and format are the same, the board determines the different MLT ASCP exam eligibility routes for both.

U.S. (MLT ASCP) Eligibility Criteria

Route I: The applicant must have an associate degree obtained from an accredited college or university. Academic credit of 60 semester (from an approved institution) hours is also acceptable by ASCP. The applicant must have a medical lab training program sponsored by NAACLS or AHBES that must be within the last five years.

Route II: The route II requirement was ASCP Clinical Laboratory Assistant certification, which has been discontinued by the board from January 1, 2023.

Route III: The applicant must have an associate degree with a combination of 6 semester hours in chemistry and biology that must be acquired from an accredited college or university. 60 semester hours/90 quarter hours of academic credits with 6 semester hours/9 quarter hours in biology and chemistry can be used in lieu of an associate degree. 50 weeks of MLT course within the past ten years that is sponsored by the U.S. military is also necessary.

Route IV: Associate degree with a combination of 6 semester hours/9 quarters in chemistry and biology that must be received from an authorized college or university. 90 quarter hours/60 semester hours of academic credits with the combination of 6 semester hours/9 quarter hours in biology & chemistry can be used in place of an associate degree. Getting clinical experience within past three years in relevant subjects is also vital.

International (MLT ASCPi) Eligibility Criteria

Route I:  MLS (medical lab science) two-year diploma from the technical institution, it must be with training in chemistry, microbiology, hematology, and blood banking.

Route II: Two-year diploma in chemistry or biological science from an authorized institution. MLS (medical laboratory science) program in hematology, chemistry, microbiology, and blood banking.

Route III: Chemistry or biological science two-year diploma from an approved educational institution. Clinical experience in chemistry, microbiology, blood banking, and hematology, experience must be of three years.

Schedule of MLSIA MLT ASCP Classes

The MLT ASCP classes have the following schedule

  • Online via Zoom
  • Every Saturday
  • Weekly for 20 weeks 
  • Starts at 10: AM Eastern Time, USA/CA (check the course page for updates)
  • For up to ~3-4 hours.

Study Material and Resources

To pass the ASCP medical lab technician exam, you must utilize effective study material and resources.

Although the ASCP BOC suggests many preparation resources, you cannot get knowledge from all these resources in a limited time.

Besides this, board-recommended all resources are partial sources so you can choose any alternative.

When it comes to picking an alternative for MLT (ASCP), MLSIA is only one solution.

Academy presents a comprehensive MLT ASCP prep course that is packed with all necessary study tools.


  • The MLSIAcademy develops an interactive environment for MLT professionals so they can interact with other classmates and professors.
  • In these live lectures, you can solve all your problems related to the ASCP MLT exam content area.

Recording of Live Lectures

  • If you have missed your online MLT ASCP classes due to unknown happenings, the MLSIAcademy records all lectures for you.
  • You can demand these lectures whenever you want and watch them in your free time.

MLT ASCP Study Guide

  • The MLSIA MLT study guide is a unified study source that summarizes the board preparation resources and exam content area.
  • It is designed and updated by medical lab technician experts.
  • Describe all the exam content with the help of images, graphs, easy vocabulary, etc.
  • Focus on vital areas and remove unwanted content
  • Describe the most important exam syllabus first and the least important in the last.
  • Fall in affordable price

Practice Questions and Answers

You will not be confident in your preparation until you test your learning with practice exams.

MLSIA understands the importance of practice exams in preparation, therefore, it presents a series of ASCP practice tests.

You will get

  • Topic-specified practice exam
  • Chapter-specified practice exam
  • Subject-specified practice exam
  • Entire-syllabus practice exam

Effective Study Strategies for the MLT ASCP Exam

Two things can help you become MLT ASCP certified: excellent preparation resources and actionable study strategies.

If you have the best strategies to implement them, you can overcome all the challenges of the MLT (ASCP) exam.

Finalize Your Study Schedule

  • Set your study schedule in specific hours when you are fresh and completely free.
  • 5-6 hours of study per day is necessary for better preparation.
  • Divide this time among all subjects, fix more time for tough subjects and the least time for easy subjects.
  • Designate time for practices
  • Take some rest during the study hours

Join the MLT ASCP Course

Make sure to get support from the academy that meets all your preparation requirements by offering the best prep bundle.

Your selective course must be packed with all effective tools, like MLT ASCP classes and other study materials. is a dominant academy that delivers appreciated resources for ASCP MLT preparation.

Advice from Experts

Getting advice from experts is a valuable strategy because you know the tested tips from them.

Try to get the secrets of their success and implement them in your study plan.

If you have no communities with ASCP-certified experts, you must join the “ASCP Certification Prep” group, where you will meet with current and certified ASCP experts.

Check the Final Exam Taste

You can sit in the final exam confidently if you pass through your learning from practice exams.

Make sure to attend the mock version, because it matches the real exam in all aspects, including exam format, number of questions, exam duration, etc.

By attending practice exams, you will learn time management, know the exam format, and gain confidence to ace the final exam.

Navigating the MLT ASCP Exam: What You Need to Understand

The ASCP medical lab technician exam is composed of 100 questions; all are MCQs with one correct answer.

It is a computer-based exam that monitors the answer to your previous question to display the next one.

It is packed with a series of easy and tough questions.

If you answer the questions correctly, your next question will be a little tougher than the earlier one.

The computer will display the easy questions based on your incorrect answers.

Solving difficult questions means you are moving toward success and easy questions may lead you to failure.

The time duration for the MLT (ASCP) exam is 2.5 hours.

Your result (pass/fail) promptly displays on your computer screen but the score report will be received within four business days.

Tips to Take the MLT ASCP Exam

  • Reach the exam center at least one hour before starting the exam.
  • You must read all the questions carefully and choose the best answer.
  • You do not have any skipping option, so answer the questions attentively
  • Once you have completed all the questions, go back and change the answer if you doubt any answer.
  • Keep time in mind and try to complete and revise the questions in the given time frame.

Continuing Education and Career Advancement for MLT ASCP

The ASCP BOC develops many continuing education and career advancement programs that boost your professional growth and meet your certification renewal requirements.

The ASCP continuing education programs include online courses, certificate programs, live events, quality improvement & quality insurance programs, etc.

All these resources provide you with continuing education credits for CMP (Credential Maintenance Program).

Your MLT (ASCP) certificate is only active for three years.

You have to participate in the ASCP renewal process before your certification expires.

You need to get the 36 points for MLT CMP that you can get from ASCP continuing education programs.

Final Verdict for ASCP MLT Classes

Visual content stays in your mind for a long time and your mind picks it up faster than all other study resources.

So attending the ASCP MLT classes offers you better results in preparation.

If you get these classes from an authentic academy where it is delivered by experts it would be the cherry on the top of the cake.

MLSIA is the best academy that has years of experience in providing the preparation resources for the ASCP exams.

Whether you want to earn the ASCP MLT or your mission is to get the MLS ASCP certificate, you will get all the necessary resources from ASCP courses by .

FAQs for MLT ASCP Classes

Which study material is more valuable than all for ASCP MLT preparation?

You must attend the ASCP MLT classes because visual content becomes part of human memory quickly.

Where can I get the MLT ASCP classes?

MLSIAcademy is the best destination that delivers all vital resources for ASCP medical lab technician exam preparation, including live online classes.

Can I pass the ASCP MLT exam without subscribing to any online preparation package?

It is impossible to ace the MLT (ASCP) without getting support from online course providers.

How many questions should I solve to pass the ASCP exam?

The ASCP BOC neither sets any question percentage to solve nor score percentage to get. To qualify for the certificate, you must answer enough questions to get the pass point (minimum of 400).

Resources: ASCP BOC.