MLS ASCP Study Plan


MLS ASCP Study Plan by MLSIA

The MLS ASCP certification is one must-have certification for every career-minded professional in medical laboratory science. 

Whether you’re seeking a state license, looking to get a new job, or looking to convince your employer to give you a pay raise, having the MLS ASCP certification makes it all easier.

If you reside outside the US and want to kick off with the “American dream” pursuit, having an MLS ASCP certification can help in work license processing.

In general, your MLS ASCP certification offers you the path to improved personal and professional development.

But is it that easy to pass the MLS ASCP exam? No.

Like every exam, you need to prepare and study.

For you to effectively prepare for the MLS ASCP exam, you need a strong MLS ASCP study plan.

MLSIA MLS ASCP Course Program includes the best MLS ASCP Exam Study Plan that features all you need to prepare for the MLS ASCP certificate exam, including the MLS ASCP study materials and test practices.

Understanding the MLS ASCP Exam

The MLS ASCP exams come with 100 multiple-choice questions.

You’ll only be given 2 and a half hours to provide solutions to all the questions.

Therefore, try as much as possible to provide one correct answer to each question on time.

The MLS ASCP certification exam is administered using the computer adaptive testing (CAT) system. The CAT format for exams is designed to test your ability by setting questions in different difficulty levels.

This means the MLS ASCP exam questions are graded for level of difficulty and are classified into each ASCP BOC content area.

When you get the correct answers, the next questions become slightly tougher.

Answering a question incorrectly will give you a much softer question next.

Each of the questions is drawn from the MLS ASCP content area.

Passing the MLS ASCP means providing the right answers to enough questions.

There’s no set amount of questions you must answer to pass the MLS ASCP exam.

There is no set percentage you must achieve to pass the exam.

You must get above the average pass score to succeed in your MLS ASCP exam.

The ASCP BOC has pegged the average score at 400.

Therefore, passing or failing your MLS ASCP certification depends on where your score falls- above or below the 400 average score point.

MLS ASCP Content Areas

One valuable tip for passing the MLS ASCP exam is to understand the different BOC content areas and topics.

Luckily, the ASCP BOC offers MLS exam content areas and topics.

Each area also has a percentage range of the overall 100-question for the MLS ASCP exam. They include,

Blood Banking (17-22%):

  • Blood products
  • Blood group systems
  • Blood group immunology
  • Physiology and pathophysiology
  • Serologic and molecular testing
  • Transfusion practice.

Chemistry (17-22%):

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Lipids
  • Vitamins and nutrition
  • Enzymes
  • Heme derivatives
  • Nitrogen-containing compounds
  • Acid-base determinations (including blood gases)
  • Electrolytes
  • Endocrinology
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Toxicology

Microbiology (17-22%):

  • Preanalytic procedures
  • Analytic procedures for bacteriology
  • Analytic procedures for mycobacteriology, virology, parasitology, and mycology
  • Postanalytic procedures.

Hematology (17-22%):

  • Physiology
  • Disease states
  • Laboratory testing
  • Hemostasis (including physiology, disease states, and laboratory determination).

Urinalysis & Other Body Fluids (5-10%):

  • Physical and chemical testing
  • Microscopic analysis
  • Physiology
  • Disease states

Immunology (5-10%):

  • Principles of immunology
  • Diseases of the immune system
  • Transplantation
  • Infectious disease serology
  • Serologic procedures
  • Test results

Laboratory Operations (5-10%):

  • Quality assessment/troubleshooting
  • Safety
  • Laboratory Mathematics
  • Manual/automated methodology and instrumentation
  • Basic management principles
  • Education principles.

Importance Of A Personalized MLS ASCP Study Plan

Preparing for the MLS ASCP exam could be overwhelming, especially as an adult with a regular job.

It always seems that there are more reading lists to cover.

More content areas and topics to understand.

You’ll always struggle with studying and concentrating.

This is where having an MLSI Academy’s MLSI ASCP study plan comes in.  

Boost Your Reading Efficiency With A Study Plan

One of the best tips for passing the MLS ASCP exam is to have a study plan that encourages effective studying.

Having a clear-cut plan of what you need to do daily will help you know what to do and when.

Your MLSIA MLS ASCP study plan tells you what and when to study.

It doesn’t matter how concise and comprehensive the material is.

Without a study plan, you will struggle to get the best out of your MLS ASCP reading materials.

Scheduling your study materials in such bits guarantees you cross all your Ts and dot all the Is.

Saves Time

A well-cut-out study plan will help you craft more time to cover everything important for the MLS ASCP exam success. 

You can only do it without a study plan if you don’t have anything else to do.

But that is hardly so with many medical laboratory scientists seeking to earn the MLS ASCP.

With an MLSIA MLS ASCP study plan, you can easily allocate time to every task you want to complete.

This way, every aspect of the MLS ASCP exam gets a portion of the time allocated.

And, of course, the MLSIA MLS ASCP study plan is designed to prioritize the BOC content areas in accordance with the BOC exam percentage.

This way, when you’re using the MLSI Academy’s MLS ASCP study plan, you’d be devoting more time to more important tasks.

Ultimately, you get to focus more, beat procrastination, and accomplish more while cutting off time from irrelevant things.

Study Effectively

When you have a study schedule, all the BOC content areas are awarded ample time.

You also get to accomplish much reading in less time as you now cut off the fluff and focus more on the important aspects.

When you combine all of this, what it gets you is effective studying.

Have A Long-Term Plan

Preparing for the MLS ASCP exam involves planning to either pass or fail the exam.

One effective tip for passing the MLS ASCP exam is to start early.

Starting early gives you a long-term plan for all activities.

The time your MLS ASCP affords you should be enough to cover all the necessary resources.

By having a long-term plan, you will be more at peace and confident knowing you have or will cover every necessary part of the MLS ASCP exam.

Your long-term plan also considers any fallout.

So, in the event of any unwelcome surprises before your exam, you can tackle it with much ease. 

Get your MLSIA MLS ASCP study plan early and increase your ASCP certificate exam success rate.

Get Better Test Scores

Although the average score for passing the MLS ASCP exam is 400, you still stand the chance to go as high as 900.

This is only possible when you have a robust MLS ASCP study plan like the one offered by MLSI Academy.

Beyond getting the MLSIA MLS ASCP study plan, ensure you utilize it to the very end.

Reduce Your Stress

Studying for an exam can be stressful.

It doesn’t get any easier when you have only limited time to prepare for your MLS ASCP exam.

Trying to take on all the BOC-recommended reading lists and cover all MLS ASCP content areas in such a short time could be suicidal.

However, you can save yourself stress by using the MLSIA MLS ASCP study plan.

Your study plan helps take away all stress and give you rest.

When you have the right study plan, you have the time to prepare better and longer for the MLS ASCP exam.

No late-minute hurry to cover any topic.

With your MLSIA MLS ASCP study plan, you can break your reading resources into smaller bits and still have enough time to review them many times.

Balancing Work and MLS ASCP Study

Earning an MLS ASCP is important personally and career-wise, but managing your work life while preparing for the MLS ASCP can be difficult.

Here are tips on how to effectively navigate between your personal and work life efficiently and prepare for the MLS ASCP exam.

  • Communicate your needs with your family, close friends, and employers to help them understand you better.
  • Stay organized and track all your activities with a planner, to-do list, or calendar.
  • Manage your time very well, avoid time-wasting activities, and beat procrastination.
  • Prioritize all your activities, giving more attention to what is more important.
  • Learn from professionals, and get the MLSIA MLS ASCP exam preparation course.
  • Take care of your mental health, and always be optimistic. Don’t allow all information to get to you.
  • Eat healthy, get enough sleep, and know when to stop.

Using the MLSIA Study Guide Book (the essential material for the MLS ASCP exam)

Reading Lists

A passionate team of medical laboratory professionals curates the MLSIA MLS study guidebook.

This team of excellent doctors and professors has long aced different ASCP exams, including the MLS ASCP and has played a crucial role in helping scores of medical laboratory professionals earn the ASCP credential as well.

The MLSIA MLS ASCP study guidebook distinguishes itself from others by offering more.

It is offers,

  • Conclusive guide
  • All-one material
  • Comprehensive study material
  • Extensive test practice
  • Easy access
  • Useful & Proven ASCP exam success tips.

Effective Study Techniques for MLS ASCP Exam Preparation

If you are a medical laboratory professional, you are most likely ready to do what it takes to pass the MLS ASCP exam.

Proper preparation for the MLS ASCP exam involves having a few right study techniques;

Memorizing with Flashcards

Are you always too busy to study properly?

Perhaps you’re having difficulty memorizing the ever-challenging MLS ASCP content areas, concepts, or topics.

Do you believe that all you need is more time to study and memorize these concepts?

No, what you need is the MLSIA MLS ASCP flashcards!

The MLSIA flashcards are the perfect go-to solution for memorization problems.

Think of it as your everyday flashcards, but this time, in a digital format.

You might have properly designed a personal flashcard, but the MLSIA MLS ASCP exam flashcards offer a more engaging way to study for the MLS ASCP exam.

It aptly covers all the BOC core topics and definitions of terms.

Besides helping you to read and memorize key terms, the MLSIA MLS ASCP flash cards keep track of all the terms you don’t know till you fully get acquainted with those terms.

Using Test Practices

Sometimes, studying and studying without actually testing yourself tends to be a little depressing.

It gives room for either fatigue, self-doubt, or overconfidence to set in.

You can only deal with this by using the MLSIA MLS ASCP QBanks to get test practice questions to study for your MLS ASCP Exam.

As you study, try to review your notes and study materials as well.

Most importantly, assess yourself using the test questions.

Assessing yourself with the MLSIA MLS ASCP test practice questions helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Leveraging on Online Tools & Communities

Take advantage of online courses to make your MLS ASCP exam preparation more worthwhile.

Many learning opportunities will help you prepare better for your MLS ASCP exam.

While the physical classes are certainly a no-no as they are too rigid, take a lot of time, and may not fit into your schedule, taking online courses is the solution.

The MLSIA MLS ASCP exam online classes offer you so many benefits, including,

  • Flexibility
  • Affordability
  • Comprehensive and concise study materials
  • Networking opportunities
  • Continuous guidance from experienced doctors and professors in medical laboratory science.

Leveraging on MLSIA QBank for Test Practice

If you want to make the most out of your study sessions.

Or maybe you want the best way to prepare better for the MLS ASCP exam without getting stressed out, MLSIA MLS ASCP QBank has got you covered.

The MLSIA MLS ASCP QBank rightly captures all the BOC content areas and topics.

So when you practice with the MLSIA MLS ASCP QBank, rest assured you’re answering questions from all topics and content areas in the right proportion.


Planning is imperative in every step of MLS ASCP exam preparation.

There are many things to consider when planning for the MLS ASCP exam, but getting an MLS ASCP course surely sits at the top of the list.

The MLSIA MLS ASCP course, prepared by the best brains with loads of experience in ASCP exam certifications, offers the most well-rounded MLS ASCP study plan.

The MLSIA MLS ASCP study plan will help you manage your time, prioritize right, and stay motivated and focused.

Everything you need to succeed in the MLS ASCP exam is packed in the MLSIA MLS ASCP course.

Get the MLSIA MLS Study plan today!

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