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Why MLS ASCP Study Guide?

MLSIA MLS(ASCP ) Study Guide Book

Do it right with the MLSIA MLS ASCP Study guide, the major element of the MLS ASCP Course Program.



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Preparing to take your MLS ASCP certificate exam?

Do it right with the MLSIA MLS ASCP Study guide, the major element of the MLS ASCP Course Program.

An MLS ASCP certificate is a massive career achievement for medical laboratory professionals.

Whether you reside in the US or not, you can’t deny that having an MLS ASCP credential is a door opener.

Your MLS ASCP credential could give you a better shot at landing that job you applied for. If you’re seeking state licensure, having an MLS ASCP certificate makes it easier to gain one.

If you need a pay raise, get the MLS ASCP certification and watch your employer offer you a new contract.

The benefits of having an MLS ASCP certificate are enormous.

But to gain this credential, you must pass the ASCP certification exam.

Passing the MLS ASCP needs intense preparation. This is where the MLSIA MLS ASCP study guide comes in.

Why You Need A MLS ASCP Study Guide

Here are why you should adopt the MLS ASCP study guide for your MLS exam preparation.

Creates Focus

One of the critical functions of study guides is to help you focus on what is essential.

The BOC has a wide range of recommended reading tests and content areas.

Attempting to cover all that alone could be overwhelming.

But with the right study guide, like the MLSIA MLS ASCP study guide, you can save time and energy and channel them all on what is most important.

Creates a Better Understanding of Concepts

Are you stuck in any BOC content area?

Are you struggling to understand a subject in your MLS ASCP exam outline, get the MLS ASCP study guide today.

The MLSIA MLS ASCP study guide is crafted to dissect every aspect of the BOC content areas, bit by bit.

All the critical elements of the MLS ASCP content area are carefully exposed.

Helps You Study Better

Study guides involve different learning formats that encourage easy understanding and retention.

The MLSIA MLS ASCP study guide inculcates different visual and graphical learning materials.

All these go towards encouraging effective learning irrespective of your learning capability.

Customized learning

Again, study guides appeal to a wide range of students as it consider learning ability.

Your MLSIA MLS ASCP study guide is designed to meet all your study needs.

Regardless of your learning pattern, the MLS study guide is designed to meet your needs.

Helps You Manage Your Time

Your time is very precious.

Instead of trying to gather all the BOC-suggested resources for the MLS ASCP credential exam, get a study guide and save time and stress.

The MLSIA MLS ASCP study guide is elaborate and comprehensive and covers all the BOC-suggested content areas in the most concise approach.

Tips On Choosing The Right MLS ASCP Study Guide

Here are tips on choosing the right MLS ASCP study guide.

What Is The Price

Of course, money matters in all things.

When getting an MLS ASCP guide, consider your budget and how much the guide costs.

The MLSIA MLS ASCP guide promises to offer you the best value.

Regardless of how you view the price, you can count on getting your money’s worth with the guide.

Does It Cover The Syllabus?

Another thing you should ask yourself is how relevant is the guide to your success.

A good MLS ASCP guide should cover all the BOC-recommended content areas.

Take your time, and cross-check if the study guide content matches the BOC content guidelines.

The MLSIA MLS ASCP study guide by covers all the BOC-recommended content areas.

Content Density & Relevancy

Besides offering you all the BOC content areas, how well does the study guide treat each content area?

How deep is the content outline?

Is It Still Up To Date?

A good MLS ASCP study guide should never be shallow.

Rather, it should carefully expose each content area’s subjects and topics.

An MLSIA MLS ASCP study guide provides the most up-to-date resources to help you ace the ASCP certificate exam.

Content Language

The language of the study guide matters.

Language in selecting study guides goes beyond the traditional spoken and written language.

It involves the tone and pattern of communication.

A good MLS ASCP study guide should come in a tone that instructs and guides the reader.

Go for a study guide fashioned in a language you understand.

Publisher Reputation

The reputation of the MLS ASCP study guide is vital when selecting a study guide.

It is important to know where you’re sourcing your MLS ASCP guide from.

Only go for those with a proven history and strong testimonies from previous students. has been around for years.

The MLSIA MLS ASCP study guide is designed by some of the best brains who have aced the ASCP certification exams and have equally helped scores of others achieve the same feat.

Content Format

The format of the MLS ASCP study guide influences how you will absorb all the content.

The MLSIA MLS ASCP study guides come in different formats.

They can be in text, video, voice, or online format.

No matter what your learning style is, you’re good to go with the MLSIA MLS study guide.

Why MLSIA MLS ASCP Study Guide Is the Best

Again, there are countless MLS ASCP study guides, but the one offered by the MLSI Academy tops them all.

Compiled By The Best Professionals In The Field

It’s no news that a study guide is as good as the reputation of the people behind it.

The MLSIA MLS ASCP study guide is compiled by seasoned medical laboratory professionals (MSc. and PhD holders as well as professors).

This unique collection of the best brains has excelled in the ASCP certificate exams and has helped countless medical laboratory professionals do so.

All in One Study Book

ASCP BOC has a long list of suggested reading materials to help applicants ace the ASCP exam.

However, gathering these materials could be overwhelming as they come in different formats, scattered across the web and offline.

With the MLSIA MLS ASCP, you don’t have to get yourself exhausted gathering and organizing these long reading lists.

MLSI Academy has gathered, sorted, organized, and filtered these materials, leaving you with the most comprehensive and concise study materials.

This all-in-one study book aptly summarizes all the ASCP BOC suggested materials.

Some of the ASCP BOC suggested reading lists for the MLS ASCP exam include,



      • “Clinical Laboratory Science” by the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science

      • “Laboratory Medicine” by Oxford University Press. 

      • “Medical Laboratory Observer” by Endeavor Business Media, LLC



        • “Blood Bank Guy”– Transfusion Medicine Education 

        • “ADLM”

        • “ADLM Laboratory Medicine Practice Guidelines”

        • “ADLM Clinical Chemistry Trainee Council (CCTC)”

        • “CellaVision CellAtlas” – Blood Cell Morphology Guide

        • “The Fritsma Factor”

        • “ClinMicroNow”- American Society of Microbiology (ASM)

        • “Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) publications”

        • “DPDx”– CDC’s Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria



          • “Technical Manual (21st ed.)” by Cohn, C.S., et al. (Eds.). (2023)

          • “Tietz Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics (9th ed.)” by Rifai, N., et al. (2023).

          • “Immunology & Serology in Laboratory Medicine (7th ed.)” by Turgeon, M.L. (2021).

          • “Clinical Microbiology Procedures Handbook (5th ed.).” by Leber, A.L. & Burnham, C.D. (Eds.). (2023).

          • “Textbook of Diagnostic Microbiology (7th ed.).” by Mahon, C.R. & Lehman, D.C. (2023).

          • “Fundamentals of Urine and Body Fluid Analysis (5th ed.)” by Brunzel, N.A. (2022).

          • “Clinical Laboratory Science: Concepts, Procedures, and Clinical Applications (9th ed.)” by Turgeon, M.L. (2022).

        Covers ASCP BOC Syllabus With No Fluff

        Besides offering a suggested reading list, the ASCP BOC publishes all the content areas and probable question proportions from each area.

        The MLSIA MLS ASCP study guide has done justice to all the content areas.

        The MLSIA MLS ASCP Study Guide Contents

        Here are the core ASCP MLS subjects you’ll learn in full detail when your get the study guide as a part of MLSIA MLS ASCP Course program:

        Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine

        Blood banking forms 17– 22% of MLS ASCP exams.

        The ASCP Blood Banking subject covers areas like blood products, blood group immunology, blood group systems, physiology and pathophysiology, transfusion practice, and serologic and molecular testing.


        Like Blood Banking, Chemistry is a crucial aspect of the MLS ASCP certificate exam content.

        17 – 22% of ASCP certificate exams come from it.

        The focal areas in chemistry include proteins and nitrogen-containing compounds, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins and nutrition, enzymes, electrolytes, endocrinology, blood gases, and toxicology.


        Haematology is another essential MLS ASCP content area that you must study if you want to sit for the MLS ASCP certificate exam and pass.

        Haematology represents 17 – 22% of MLS exams.

        This core MLS ASCP subject covers haematology physiology, haematology disease states, laboratory testing, and hemostasis (including disease physiology, disease states, and laboratory determinations).


        It’s 17 – 22% of MLS ASCP Exam.

        Without being told, microbiology is one of the fundamental areas of health science.

        Some core areas in microbiology covered by the MLSIA MLS ASCP study guide are preanalytic procedures, analytic procedures for bacteriology, mycobacteriology (virology, parasitology, and mycology), and post-analytic procedures.


        Although it has fewer question ( 5 – 10%) than most other MLS ASCP subjects, immunology is still vital to your success in this exam.

        Some of the essential content areas in immunology include principles of immunology, immune system diseases, infectious disease serology, serologic procedures, transplantation, and test results.

        Urinalysis And Other Body Fluids

        However low the content area (5 – 10%) may be, urinalysis remains a vital MLS ASCP subject.

        Laboratory Operations

        Although it has only a 5 – 10% percentage, laboratory operations topics with quality assessment/troubleshooting, safety, laboratory mathematics, manual/automated methodology and instrumentation, basic management principles, and education principles are well captured in the MLSIA ASCP study guide.

        As such, they’re duly covered in the MLSIA MLS ASCP study guide.

        Core content areas under urinalysis include physical and chemical testing, microscopic analysis, physiology, and disease states.

        Very Comprehensive, Very Conclusive To The Point

        Having passed the ASCP certificate exam and dedicating years to helping many laboratory professionals ace this exam, the brains behind MLSIA have mastered the art of passing all the ASCP certificate exams.

        Their personal experience and years of professional expertise gave them the wisdom to know what matters when it comes to taking and passing this credential.

        You don’t have to be scared of the long reading list.

        The’s MLS ASCP study guide has removed all the fluff, giving you the most comprehensive and conclusive study guide.

        Beautifully Designed With Study Tool

        The MLSI Academy’s MLS ASCP study guide guarantees success in the ASCP exam, irrespective of your learning pattern.

        Whether you’re a slow or fast learner, the MLSIA MLS ASCP study guide has the tools to encourage speedier learning and easy understanding.

        For easier understanding, some of the tests are different colors.

        Visual illustrations, tables, flashcards, Q&A, and many more are taught in the MLSIA’s MLS ASCP study guide.

        Easily Accessible

        Are you using a Windows, iOS, or Android device?

        The MLSI MLS ASCP study guide is compatible with many digital devices.

        Whether you choose to utilize it from your desktop or mobile device, you’ll get the same refined and outstanding MLS ASCP study guide.

        Exclusive For Only MLSIA MLS ASCP Course Subscriber

        To access the one-of-a-kind MLSIAcademy’s MLS ASCP study guide, you must subscribe to the MLSIA MLS ASCP course.

        How To Study For The MLS ASCP Exam Effectively

        Although there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to studying for the MLS ASCP exam, there are methods that always guarantee immense success.

        Some of the proven tips and strategies on MLS ASCP exam success from many professionals who have gone the route before you include,

        Stay Organized

        The first step to effectively utilizing the MLSIA MLS ASCP study guide is to be organized.

        Before you kick off, get a diary or notebook to note key points.

        Create A study plan

        The next thing you should consider doing is creating a study plan.

        Make a schedule of when to go through the study guide.

        Stick To Your Study Plan

        It’s much easier to be distracted by many things.

        But always remember, you’re doing this for your personal and professional growth and development.

        When you make a study plan, give your all to stick to it.

        Set Up A Quiet Corner

        You must create a quiet and comfortable space designated specially for studying.

        Your study space should be free from any distractions.

        Take Notes Of Things

        While going through your MLS ASCP study guide, it’s vital to practice note-taking.

        Taking notes will keep you engaged and more focused and help with retention.

        Spread Your Studying

        No rule says you must consume all the MLSIA MLS ASCP study guides in a stretch.

        Take your time, and space out your studying sessions.

        Know when to take a break to rejuvenate and bounce back to action.

        Ask Questions

        Besides offering the very best medical laboratory professionals who have hacked the act of imparting knowledge, the MLSIA professors are always ready to answer your questions.

        So, when you study with the MLSIA MLS ASCP study material, always feel free to ask questions.

        Take Test Practice

        Taking tests is an excellent learning technique.

        It helps in grain whatever information you must have acquired to your memory.

        The MLSIA MLS ASCP study guide comes with QBanks or exam practice tests .

        Make the best out of them.


        Imagine spending your whole time studying for the MLS ASCP exam, only to struggle to fill in the correct answers on the exam day.

        A study guide is a tool that helps you organize and understand a particular subject’s outline.

        Studies have shown that students who use study guides to supplement their learning stand a better chance of performing better in exams.

        If you’re still on the fence, get the MLSIA MLS ASCP study guide and see the difference!

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