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MLSIAcademy Stuff members are so serious about the ASCP certification journey of our colleagues. 

Due to the high-volume applications, spam applications and other circumstances,

We have to discriminate those who are really in dead need of our help to pass the exam from those who just trying to waste our resources, time and efforts!

Why Application for A Paid Course?

  • To know your course of interest.
  • Double check your eligibility and routes (a lot of our colleagues applied via the wrong route that cost them money).
  • To know the weakness area of those who failed to pass the exam (some colleagues failed for the 3rd time before reaching MLSIAcademy.
  • Avoid spam applications to dedicate all our efforts to serious colleagues.
  • We just trying to know WHO you’re as much as we can to serve you the best way ever.

How to Apply for ASCP Course?

Kindly fill out the form below and We will get back to you ASAP via email. Your application will be routed to the course’s director for approval.

ASCP Prep Course’s Director

Dr. Halim, Ph.D., MLS (ASCP)CM, SMCM, MBCM

  • ASCP Board Certified Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS ASCP) CM
  • ASCP Board Certified Microbiology Specialist (SM ASCP) CM
  • ASCP Board Certified Molecular Biology Technologist (MB ASCP) CM
  • Education Committee Member Of Association Of Genetic Technologist,
  • Ambassador Of Association Of Genetic Technologist,
  • Member Of Association Of Molecular Pathology,
  • Member Of American Society Of Human Genetics and Genomics,
  • Member Of American Society For Microbiology,

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