Molecular Biology Video Lectures

ASCP Molecular Biology Video Lectures Of MLSIA MB/ SMB ASCP Course Program by MLSIAcademy

MLSIA ASCP Molecular Biology Video Lectures by MLSIAcademy

Are you considering how you can empower your preparation for the MB ASCP technologist or SMB specialist in molecular biology certification examination?

Make sure to attend the MLSIA ASCP molecular biology video lectures of the ASCP Molecular Biology Course.

What you get from these video lectures

  • Full commands on your preparation
  • Cover your A-Z syllabus related to the molecular biology area
  • Speed up your learning process
  • You can gain knowledge by asking questions with professors, like traditional classes

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) awards very powerful certificates that enhance professional values many times in the health field.

An ASCP-certified professional is considered a highly experienced and appreciated candidate to provide the best treatment to patients.

Therefore, they have many chances to get jobs in the world’s best hospitals, research centers, and laboratories.

But getting the good luck of ASCP certification is not walking in the park.

Every year, hundreds of students sit to pass the exam, but many of them fail it due to lack of preparation.

Because the ASCP tests the candidate’s experience, skills, knowledge, and abilities to solve any issues related to their relevant medical field, by conducting a complicated exam.

For every exam, including the ASCP molecular biology, the board determines a huge syllabus to ace before sitting in the exam.

Which study tools, including the ASCP molecular biology video lectures, you must use, we will describe here all. Stay with us.

What is the ASCP Molecular Biology Certification?

The ASCP Board of Certification presents the certificate to technologists and specialists in the same specialty, with changes to the certificate’s name due to professional position.

For ASCP molecular biology 2 certificates awarded.

MB (ASCP) technologist in molecular biology and SMB (ASCP) Specialist in molecular biology).

These certifications are also the same due to the candidates’ residence: MB ASCPi (international molecular biology technologist) and SMB ASCPi (International molecular biology specialists).

The exam content areas, application process, exam format, and power of U.S. and international certification are the same but there are some differences in it: eligibility requirements, application fee, etc.

The SMB ASCP credential is more powerful than the MB ASCP because the specialists are expected to implement the advanced diagnostic method to detect disease.

Besides this, they are also responsible for handling supervisory responsibilities.

Why Choose the ASCP Molecular Biology Video Lectures for Preparation?

You will cover your exam content area quickly if you implement video lectures for ASCP exam preparation.

How ASCP molecular biology video lectures enhance your preparation percentages.

  • The video lectures present a way for students to hear and see the information more effectively and dynamically than text-based material.
  • Videos are interactive and visual, creating more engagement for students so they can easily understand and remember the content.
  • When you get information from text-based material, you can get bored and feel sleepy, but video lectures do not bore you by displaying every time something new on the screen.
  • You can ask questions from the professors and share your point of view with other classmates (MLSIA ASCP molecular biology video lectures come with an interactive environment).
  • You will gain a more authentic perspective by participating in video lectures

How ASCP molecular biology video lectures complement other study materials

As a medical lab professional, you have to handle everything practically. When you attend the video lectures, you see everything visually, which improves your learning and experience.

The ASCP video lectures are designed and delivered by ASCP-certified experts so they add their personal experience to it to make them more valuable.

If you get the MLSIA ASCP molecular biology video lectures, you will get recordings that you can watch at any time and many times.

Features of MLSIA ASCP Molecular Biology Video Lectures

  • Recording of the Classes available 24 hrs. after the class
  • Up to 3 hrs. video recording for each class
  • Accessible by Windows, Mac, Android, IOS
  • Comprehensive coverage of the MLS ASCP syllabus
  • Interactive and case study-based learning
  • Access to experienced instructors and ASCP-certified professionals

Key Topics Covered in ASCP Molecular Biology Video Lectures

The ASCP Board of Certification determines the huge syllabus for ASCP MB certification.

Attending the ASCP MB video classes is a good decision to cover the content quickly and effectively.

Here is the MB and SMB exam curriculum that the MLSIA video lectures cover:

ASCP Molecular Biology Exam Content Area by MLSIAcademy

Molecular Science

  • Nucleic acid chemistry
  • Biochemical reagents
  • Microbial genetics
  • Basic molecular theory, biochemical
  • Human genetics

Molecular Techniques

  • Isolation of  nucleic acid
  • Detection & Partition
  • Amplification of nucleic acid
  • Sequencing
  • RNA Manipulation
  • DNA Manipulation

Laboratory Operation

  • Quality control
  • Safety
  • Contamination
  • Competency
  • Guidelines and regulations
  • Instrumentation & Equipment
  • Assays (troubleshooting, validation, & performance)
  • Results (reporting, interpretation, and calculation)
  • Continuing education
  • Selection of storage, preparation, and reagents (storage, documentation, disposal, and preparation)

Application of Molecular Testing

  • Infectious disease
  • Genetic identity
  • Engraftment
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Genetic disorders

How to Effectively Utilize ASCP Video Lectures

  • Although the ASCP video lecture is a groundbreaking study tool, it offers tremendous results when you use it with other study materials.
  • To get the full advantages of video lecture, you must attend it with all your attention.
  • Make sure to ask questions if you cannot understand any part of the lectures.
  • You should attend all the lectures that the academy or institution delivers to complete your exam syllabus to ace all the content areas.
  • You must get the recording of lectures if you have missed any. You watch these recordings for clear comprehension.
  • In live video lectures, you can also interact with other classmates, which helps you know other points of view and increase your social networking.
  • Make sure to implement the video lectures in your study schedule.

Additional Resources for ASCP Molecular Biology Exam Preparation

To ace the ASCP molecular biology exam syllabus, you must utilize multiple resources.

If you purchase all these study products separately, it may be expensive.

Hence, you must subscribe to the MLSIA ASCP molecular course that comes with awesome preparation tools.

What is packed in the packages of the MLSIA ASCP MB/SMB prep course:

ASCP Molecular Biology Video Lectures

The MLSIAcademy creates an interactive environment for its students where they can interact with professors and other classmates.

These video classes are delivered by expert professionals who hold MSc and PhD degrees with ASCP certification.

Video Lecture Recordings

All the video lectures that the MLSIA delivers are also recorded for students who cannot attend the live sessions due to other activities.

If you have missed lectures or skipped any part of the class, you can also demand recordings.

ASCP Molecular Biology Study Guide

There is no alternative to the MLSIA study guide and this makes it proud.

  • All-in-one Study Material: It is an all-in-one study material because it consumes the BOC-recommended study guides for MB/SMB exam preparation.
  • Inclusive Material: It focuses on the essentials and removes the fluff.
  • Digestible: It explains the complicated exam content area with simple vocabulary.
  • Visual Illustration: Use images, graphs, tables, diagrams, etc. to make the content easily understandable.
  • Updated Version: Always come with an updated edition.
  • Experts’ Experience: It is designed by ASCP-certified experts.
  • Q&A: Explain each topic with questions and answers.

Practice Test

The splendid study tool that helps review your learning and determine your preparation percentage is the practice test and when you get it topic-wise, no exam can stand in front of your learning.

The MLSIA QBank present you:

  • Topic-related Practice Question
  • Chapter-related Practice Question
  • Subject-related Practice Question
  • Entire subject-related Practice Question

Benefits of using practice test

  • Speed up the learning process
  • Help you keep a grasp on learning
  • Help in information retention
  • Tech you time management
  • Alleviate anxiety about the final exam
  • Help you understand the exam format

The MLSIA QBank of also offer flashcards, mock exam, CAT exam.

Final Thoughts ASCP Molecular Biology Video Lectures

Whether you are going to earn the MB ASCP/ASCPi or SMB ASCP/ASCPi certification, you may face various challenges during your journey.

You can compete with the ASCP certification examination complexation if you utilize the perfect study material and use it wisely.

For instance, if you are attending the ASCP molecular biology video lectures, you must watch all the lectures actively and also use their recordings to revise the learning.

Subscription to an online course for MB/SMB ASCP preparation is your need.

You cannot ace this exam without getting support from an authorized institution, so make sure to join the MLSIA ASCP molecular biology bundle.

This bundle is packed with integral tools that streamline your path to ASCP certification success.

Be happy; it falls in an affordable range.

Get your Study Guide for MB or SMB.

FAQs for ASCP Molecular Biology Video Lectures

Why should I attend the ASCP molecular biology video lectures?

The video lectures help you get the learning faster than all other study tools so you must use this study tool.

Where can I get the video classes for my MB/SMB exam preparation?

You must go to MLSIAcademy to get the video classes and other study products for ASCP molecular biology exam preparation.

What is the difference between the MB ASCP/ASCPi and SMB ASCP/ASCPi?

MB ASCP is for technologists (U.S. technologist (ASCP) and international technologist (ASCPi)) and SMB ASCP is for specialists (U.S. specialist (ASCP) and international specialist (ASCPi)).

Is passing the MB ASCP or SMB ASCP certification exam tough?

Yes, of course, but your hard work and planning can make it easy. You must utilize the best study tools and make a plan to use them all effectively and wisely to overcome the ASCP.

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