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ASCP Molecular Biology Quiz QBank Module

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Why MLSIA ASCP Molecular Biology QBanks?


Are you struggling to review MB ASCP technologist or SMB ASCP specialist in molecular biology exam content? Ensure to implement MLSIA ASCP molecular biology QBank by MLSIAcademy.

These QBanks are loaded with hundreds of questions that are topic-related, session-related, chapter-related, subject-related, and entire exam content area-specified.

No doubt, the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) determines the huge exam syllabus for the MB/SMB ASCP exam.

Because the ASCP conducts an MCQ exam, so a little piece of information can be valuable.

To cover the entire exam content quickly, the ASCP molecular biology QBanks is an integral tool.

But purchasing it from an authentic institution like is also important.

Because the MLSIA ASCP molecular biology QBanks are designed to cover important topics without any fluff.

Here is why only MLSIA ASCP molecular biology QBanks.

Compiled by the Expert Professors of the Field

The MLSIA QBanks are designed by an expert professor panel who have passed the ASCP certification examination and know what is necessary and unnecessary regarding the ASCP molecular biology exam.

These experts are not ASCP-certified but also hold Ph.D. and MSc degrees.

The MLSIA expert professors know the importance level of each topic in every subject so they cover the A-Z exam syllabus to eliminate students’ struggles to cover and review the exam content area.

Cover ASCP Molecular Biology BOC Exam Syllabus

ASCP Molecular Biology Exam Content Area by MLSIAcademy


The MLSIAcademy ASCP molecular biology course only concentrates on covering the extremely vital content.

Following are the subjects and topics that are covered in MLSIA ASCP molecular Biology QBanks:

Molecular Science

  • Biochemical reagents
  • Basic molecular theory
  • Biochemical reagents
  • Microbial genetics
  • Human genetics
  • Nucleic acid chemistry

Molecular Techniques

  • Detection & Partition
  • RNA Manipulation
  • DNA Manipulation
  • Amplification of nucleic acid
  • Sequencing
  • Isolation of  nucleic acid

Laboratory Operation

  •   Instrumentation & Equipment
  •  Selection of reagents, storage, & preparation (storage, disposal, documentation, and preparation)
  •  Assays (troubleshooting, performance, and validation)
  •  Results (interpretation, reporting, and results)
  • Safety
  • Competency
  • Continuing education
  • Guidelines & Regulations
  •   Quality control
  •   Contamination

Application of Molecular Testing

  • Genetic identity
  • Genetic disorders
  • Engraftment
  • Infectious disease
  • Pharmacogenomics

All-in-One Question Banks

The MLSIAcademy presents all-in-one question banks.

Once you get it, you do not feel the need to get another one, during your entire preparation journey.


  • It navigates the entire exam syllabus: subject specified, topic specified.
  • It helps you keep information in long-term memory and improves the retention phase.
  • It is a pool of questions that is a combination of exam content question banks and previous exam questions
  • Help you determine the knowledge gap
  • All these questions are to the point

Question and Answer QBank

The Q&A QBanks speed up the learning process of students but when you get these questions with updated versions, you can pass through your knowledge from any test.

  • The MLSIA ASCP molecular biology QBank is designed according to the ASCP BOC exam format and instructions.
  • These question banks are organized at regular intervals so offer the students a complete study tool.
  • The Academy tends to add new questions to its QBanks collection after each ASCP final exam.
  • These question banks help you learn the format of the final exam, important topics, and your weak points.
  • You will also get the confidence to sit in the exam because you have mastered all your learning.

Quiz QBank

With the help of the MLSIA ASCP molecular biology quiz QBank, you can cover even a little topic of your exam syllabus.


MLSIA QBank covers the entire exam content topic-wise.

Whether you want to review your entire syllabus or a single topic, it is valuable for you.

Practice Exam QBank

The MLSIA ASCP practice QBanks are closely related to the ASCP final exam in all aspects.

All the practice tests consist of 100 MCQs that are derived from all the exam content subjects.

Here are the benefits of using the MLSIA MB/SMB practice tests:

  • These practice tests highlight the areas and topics you might not get fully and need more attention.
  • A beneficial tool that helps retrieve information and improve memorization.
  • Help to make learning part of your long-term memory.
  • Improve your ability to solve the question and choose the best answers.

Mock Exam Questions

What is your imagination about the ASCP MB/SMB final exam?

The MLSIA ASCP molecular biology QBank mock version helps you understand all.

These are a 100 MCQs mock version that you have to finish in 180 minutes.

Here you will also know the time management techniques to do all in a given time frame.

Like the ASCP BOC final exam, the MLSIA mock version is also designed by choosing a different percentage of questions from each subject.

The subjects and their percentages are as well;

  • Molecular Science: 20-25% for MB ASCP and 5-10% for SMB ASCP
  • Molecular Techniques: 30-35% for MB ASCP and SMB ASCP
  • Laboratory Professional: 15-20% for MB ASCP and 25-30% for SMB ASCP
  • Application of Molecular Testing: 30-35% for MB ASCP and 35-40% for SMB ASCP

CAT Exam QBank

The MLSIA ASCP molecular biology QBank (CAT exam QBank) fully follows the rules and regulations of the ASCP real exam.

How does the MLSIA CAT exam QBank match with the ASCP actual exam:

  • It is a 100 MCQ test that is prepared by getting the same percentage of questions from each subject.
  • Here you will not find any skipping options regarding questions like the actual ASCP exam.
  • You have to solve all the questions in 180 minutes
  • The module of this exam is also CAT (Computer Adaptive Testing), which offers questions with different levels of difficulty.
  • It detects the answer to the previous question by displaying the next.

How to Use the MLSIA ASCP Molecular Biology QBanks Effectively?

If you practice your learning with MLSIA ASCP QBank, you will become the master of all the content.

Here are some effective tips that maximize the benefits of using the MLSIAASCP molecular biology QBanks.

  • Familiarity with the MB/SMB ASCP exam content area is a best practice to cover the entire syllabus one by one by using the series of MLSIA topic-wise QBanks.
  • To know the ASCP recommended exam content with a wide description and explanation, make sure to get the MLSIA ASCP molecular biology study guide.
  • After covering each topic, you must review it by using the Quiz QBank.
  • If you have covered one chapter, you must use the MLSIA chapter-wise QBank to review it.
  • Make sure to participate in the MLSIA subject-wise practice test to identify your knowledge gap.
  • Concentrate on your weak points before participating in the MLSIA mock version, which helps you know where you stand in your preparation level.
  • Track your progress, and get a command of your weaknesses by attending these mock exams again and again.
  • Now, the MLSIA CAT exam is ready for you to make you an expert on the ASCP real exam.

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