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MLSIA ASCP Microbiology Video Lectures by MLSIAcademy

If you want to understand the ASCP M microbiology technologist or ASCP SM microbiology specialist exam content areas with visual examples, you must join the ASCP microbiology video lectures.

Because it is an era of online business where people from the entire world are running their businesses, which academy’s video lectures are best suited for you?

To waste your time scanning all available academies, you should trust which has a dominant position among its competitors.

By subscribing to the MLSIA ASCP microbiology course, you get access on ASCP microbiology video lectures.

Here, you will also receive the recordings of lectures if you have to skip your lectures due to unknown happenings.

In this article, we will explain the features of MLSIA ASCP microbiology classes and also tell you how you can get benefits from them.

Understanding the ASCP Microbiology Certification

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) presents two certificates for the microbiology field that go to lab technologists and specialists.

These certificates are: M ASCP technologist in microbiology and SM ASCP specialist in microbiology.

Both these certificates (M/SM ASCP) are for U.S. candidates.

The ASCP BOC also awards its certificate to international candidates with the name M ASCPi (international microbiology technologist) and SM ASCPi (international microbiology specialist)

The ASCP BOC determines the same exam content area for ASCP/ASCPi microbiology technologists and ASCP/ASCPi microbiology specialists.

Features of ASCP Microbiology Video Lectures

The following are the features of MLSIA ASCP microbiology review videos:

  • Recording of the Classes available 24 hrs. after the class
  • Up to 3 hrs. video recording for each class
  • Accessible by Windows, Mac, Android, IOS
  • Comprehensive coverage of the MLS ASCP syllabus
  • Interactive and case study-based learning
  • Access to experienced instructors and ASCP-certified professionals

Syllabus Covered in the ASCP Microbiology Video Lectures

The following are the content outlines of the ASCP technologist and specialist in microbiology exam that navigated in the ASCP microbiology video lectures:

Preanalytic Procedures

  • Stains (Methods, interpretation, and rules)
  • Specimen transport
  • Specimen collection

Analytical Procedures for Bacteriology

  • Colony morphology
  • Agents of infection
  • Normal flora
  • Organism pathogenicity
  • Antimicrobial susceptibility testing
  • Specimen sources
  • Identification methods
  • Correlation with other lab results
  • MRSA/MSSA, VRE, ESBL/CRE screening
  • BSL-3 pathogens & select agents
  • Antibiotic resistance

Analytic Procedures for Parasitology, Mycobacteriology, Mycology, & Virology

  • Disease states
  • Specimen sources
  • Identification procedures
  • Major pathogens
  • Serological testing procedures
  • Antimicrobial/antifungal/antiviral susceptibility testing (only for SM ASCP)

Lab Operation

  • Postanalytic procedures
  • Laboratory Mathematics
  • Lab administration (only for SM ASCP)
  • Safety
  • Instrumentation
  • Troubleshooting/quality assessment

How to Choose the Best ASCP Microbiology Video Lectures

There are many online academies that claims to provide excellent ASCP microbiology lectures, but which one is best for you from all?
The following are the best guides to consider or reject the ASCP microbiology video lectures:

Total Time: 1 minute

Read Student Testimonials

Before making a final decision to choose the academy that blesses you with services, including video lectures, you must read the testimonials of its students.
From testimonials, you can easily analyze whether you should choose it or not.
The following are some testimonials of MLSIA students

Linda Zhao, Microbiology Technologist, says

“The M ASCP course at MLSi Academy provided me with a robust foundation in microbiology. The practical examples and in-depth discussions were extremely beneficial.”
According to Kevin Brooks, Microbiology Department Head, Advanced Diagnostics
“As a specialist in microbiology, this SM ASCP course was a perfect fit. The curriculum was detailed and the instructors were knowledgeable, enhancing my expertise significantly.”

Determines the Years of Experience

You also determine the years of experience of your selected academy. has many years of experience to offer splendid services for all ASCP certifications, including the M/SM ASCP.
Due to its excellent performance, it has won many awards that prove its perfection.

Qualification of Tutors

No one can stay in front of you when you get the opportunity to grow up in your field with qualified tutors.
The tutor qualification is a critical aspect to consider in approaching the best ASCP microbiology video lectures.
All the professors who will teach you at have Ph.D. and MSc degrees with ASCP credentials.

Covering Exam Content Area

Considering which content area your selected academy covers in its ASCP microbiology video lectures is also crucial.
The MLSIA ASCP microbiology video lectures cover the entire content area with all its outlines.


  • ASCP Microbiology Course


  • ASCP Microbiology Classes
  • Recordings of Classes
  • ASCP Microbiology Study Guide
  • ASCP Microbiology QBanks

Materials: ASCP Microbiology PDF ASCP Microbiology Video Lectures

Tips to Maximizing the Benefits of Video Lectures

To get all the benefits of ASCP microbiology video lectures, you should implement it into your study plan.

Set your Study Schedule

You should set your study schedule around the timing of ASCP microbiology video lectures so that you can review your learning as soon as possible.

Note the key Points

During lectures, it is best technique that you highlight the key points or create notes to protect losing of the content from your mind.

When you review your learning, you should examine your highlight points or notes to refresh all your knowledge.

Ask Questions from Tutors

You will get better when you ask questions from professors regarding to your confusion.

Make sure to share your confusion with other classmates so that you may get the best solutions to your problems.

Use Study Guide

You should also review your content by using the study guide.

When you get knowledge by attending the ASCP microbiology video lectures and reviewing it by using a study guide, this content stays with you for a long time.

Get Recordings of Lectures

If you consider that you cannot understand any specific part of your lectures or you want to watch them again, you must get the recordings of lectures.

You can replay, pause, or slow down the recordings for deep understanding.

Integrating the Video Lectures into Your Study Plan

You should implement ASCP microbiology video lectures into your study plan effectively. For this, you must subscribe to the MLSIA ASCP microbiology course that offers you a complete package to make your study successful.

Here is how can you utilize the MLSIA services in your M/SM exam preparation study plan:

  • Attend Video Classes
  • Get the Content by Using the ASCP Microbiology Study Guide
  • Use Q&A Modules
  • Consider the Quiz Banks
  • Flashcards
  • Mock Exams
  • CAT Exam

First Attend ASCP Microbiology Video Lectures

Your first step in gaining knowledge must be to attend the video lectures.

Make sure to clear up your all confusion by asking questions from the professors so that you can command each topic step by step.

Review the Content With the MLSIA Study Guide

A study guide is an effective tool to review the content.

To get the double advantages of ASCP microbiology video lectures, you must implement the MLSIA microbiology study guide with video lectures into your study plan.

Use Q&A Modules

To practice your learning, you must apply the Q&A modules.

These questions are extracted from the entire content area and are enough to refresh and retain information.

Consider the ASCP Microbiology Quiz Banks

If you are looking for a tool that will help you practice your daily content, you must consider implementing the ASCP microbiology quiz bank modules.

It offers you topic-specific questions and answers that assist you navigate the content one-by-one.

Never Forget Flashcards

You should also enter the flashcards into your study plan.

The MLSIA QBanks also present you with flashcards that you can read at any time and get knowledge from.

MLSIA Practice Exam

To know the gap in your knowledge or your weak or strong points, you must use the practice exam.

The MLSIAcademy designs a series of practice exams, each is composed of 100 multiple-choice questions.

You are free to use them at any time and many times without any time limitation.

Mock Exam in Study Plan

Once you have covered your entire exam content area, you must consider the mock exam to be a part of your study plan.

By attending the MLSIA mock exam, you will learn time-management skills, exam format, and the difficulty level of questions regarding the final exam.

CAT Exam

Before the last week of the exam, you must implement the CAT-formulated exam into your study plan, so that you may clearly understand the format of the exam and its complications.

For your convenience, the MLSIA QBank also conducts the ASCP microbiology CAT exam for its subscribers so that they can feel the real taste of the final exam.

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