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How to Pass the ASCP Microbiology Exam Action Plan?

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Every year, many candidates from the entire world come to pass the ASCP exam. Many of them pass but a lot of them also fail this exam.
Are you considering why a lot of candidates fail this exam?
The reason behind their failure is their lack of preparation, low confidence, or weak time management skills.
It is a common fear in the minds of candidates who come to pass the ASCP microbiology exam that the  ASCP M microbiology technologist or ASCP SM microbiology specialist exam is challenging.
Due to this fear, they cannot deal with the ASCP certification examination confidently and fail it.
It is a fact that the ASCP M/SM exam is a difficult exam compared to all other exams that you have passed in your field, but passing it is not impossible.

 In this article, we will tell you some practical tips that will help you a lot to pass the ASCP microbiology action plan if you implement them effectively.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Understand What You Need to Learn

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) determines the wide syllabus for M/SM exam preparation.
You should do a deep dive to understand it so that you know which content area you need to cover.
For both exams, you have to get knowledge from four subjects.
These subjects are
Analytic Procedures for Virology, Mycology, Mycobacteriology, and Parasitology
Preanalytical Procedures
Analytical Procedures for Bacteriology
Laboratory Operation
The ASCP BOC explains all these content areas with main topics and key topics, Which you should understand clearly to pass the ASCP microbiology exam.

Understand the M/SM CAT Exam Format

Whether your certification categories are M ASCP/ASCPi or SM ASCP/ASCPi, all are formulated by the CAT (computer adaptive testing) format.
This computer displays easy or difficult questions based on your previous answer to the question.
If it is correct, your upcoming questions will be slightly tougher than before, but if your answer is incorrect, upcoming questions will be slightly easier than the previous ones.
Both exams are composed of 100 questions; all multiple choice with one correct answer.
Your given time frame to ace these exams is 150 minutes.

Learn Time Management Skill

Before going for the exam, you should improve your time management skills.
For this,  you should participate in the mock exam and CAT exam offered by
The MLSIA offers its students the opportunity to understand the ASCP microbiology exam format and improve their time management skills.

Get Help from Authorized Academy

To pass the ASCP microbiology exam, you must subscribe to the online course that offers you all the crucial tools to get preparation done.
For this, you must prefer the MLSIA ASCP microbiology course review program by
The following are all the tools that you will get after subscription:
ASCP microbiology live classes
Recordings of classes
ASCP microbiology study guide
ASCP microbiology QBanks (flashcards, ASCP microbiology Q&A, ASCP microbiology quiz module, mock exam & CAT exam)

Establish ASCP Microbiology Action Plan

Due to the ASCP exam’s huge syllabus, the students always feel in trouble regarding covering it.
But you can navigate it easily if you break down this wide content area into little chunks.
To establish an effective study plan, you must determine the available time that you can devote to studying every day.
Suppose you can dedicate 6 hours per day, you must divide it wisely.
Fix some extra time for higher percentage subjects and low time for lower percentage.
Set aside time to practice your learning
Take at least a 10-minute break after each session

Develop a Distraction-Free Environment

You will learn better when you study with peace of mind.
To get calm of mind, you should choose a distraction-free environment.
To create a noise-free environment, you should pick a time late at night or early in the morning.
But, if it is not possible, you should use noise-cancellation devices.

Practice Your Learning

The best technique that will help you to pass the ASCP microbiology exam easily is to practice your learning.
Make sure to use pen and paper to review your content.
Because, sometimes we consider that we have got the content without passing through it in practice.
But, you cannot do it well when you have to do so because you did not practice it.
Therefore, to pass the ASCP microbiology exam, you must practice your learning.
To train you in your exam content areas, the MLSIA QBanks provide you with many tools, including the Q&A modules, quiz modules, mock exams, CAT exams, flashcards, and practice exams.

Take Care of Yourself

Only a candidate with a strong and healthy body and mind can ace the ASCP exam content area easily to pass the ASCP microbiology exam.
For this, you must use healthy food and avoid junk food.
Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol, etc.
Exercise daily, especially the exercises that boost your memory.

Take proper rest and get enough sleep to keep your body and mind healthy.

Follow the Footprint of ASCP Certified Experts

If you feel that your ASCP microbiology study plan is not working for you, you must meet with experts to learn about the plan that they established to pass the ASCP microbiology exam.
For this, you must subscribe to the MLSIA ASCP microbiology course that comes with a proper action plan and offers you the best tips to pass the ASCP microbiology exam.
Besides this, you can also join the “ASCP Certification Prep” MLSIA Facebook group, where you can share your confusion with ASCP-certified experts and get the best solution.

Reschedule Your Exam

If you have applied for your ASCP M technologist in microbiology or ASCP SM specialist in microbiology exam, you can schedule your exam within three months after getting an email notification to login to view your admission notification.
After scheduling, if you consider that you are not ready to pass the ASCP microbiology exam and need more time for preparation.
You can reschedule your exam date to get more time for preparation.
To reschedule, you must contact Pearson VUE at least 24 hours before starting your M/SM ASCP exam.

Upgrade your Confidence

You can only pass the ASCP microbiology exam if you have the confidence to combat its challenges.
For this, you should take part in practice exams to build your confidence.
The MLSIA QBanks offer a series of practice exams to train its students for the ASCP M/SM exam format.
The MLSIA mock exam and CAT exam are also real copies of the final exam, which helps you understand all about the ASCP microbiology technologist and specialist exam.

ASCP M/SM Exam Final Day Tips

You should take proper rest before going for the exam.
Take a shower and eat enough food so that you may not feel hungry during the exam.
Any personal items (watches, mobiles, or calculators) are not allowed to be taken to the exam center.
After starting the exam, you must concentrate only on your computer screen and solve all the questions attentively.
Make sure to review your exam questions and replace answers if you doubt them.


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