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ASCP Microbiology Quiz Module of MLSIA QBanks by

ASCP Microbiology Quiz Module by MLSIAcademy

Do you want to apply such a tool that supports you in practicing your ASCP M technologist in microbiology or ASCP SM specialist in microbiology content area topic-wise?

Then ASCP microbiology quiz module of MLSIA QBanks by is only for you.

These quiz modules convert your complete syllabus into quizzes one by one

Considering how you access this amazing tool? To get it, you have to subscribe to the MLSIA ASCP microbiology course review program, which offers you excellent tools to meet your M/SM exam preparation requirements.

Along with the ASCP microbiology quiz module, you will also get the ASCP microbiology Q&A, flashcards, mock tests, practice exams, and CAT exams by MLSIA QBank.

Besides this, the academy also arranges the ASCP microbiology live classes’ lectures and their recordings, as well as the ASCP microbiology study guide, to offer you a complete package.

Here, we are going to explore the properties of the ASCP microbiology quiz modules of MLSIA QBanks and also explain the best ways to utilize these modules.

Features of ASCP Microbiology Quiz Modules of MLSIA QBanks

The following are the excellent properties of MLSIA ASCP microbiology quiz modules of MLSIA QBanks:

  • Ace the Entire Syllabus
  • Bundles of questions
  • Practice at any time
  • Use as often as you can

ASCP Microbiology Quiz Module is Covering the Entire Syllabus

With the ASCP microbiology quiz module, you can practice the entire exam syllabus.

Whether you want to practice a single topic or your mission is to review your entire exam syllabus, you will get the quiz for all.

The MLSIA QBanks present you

  • Topic-specific quiz module
  • Chapter-specific quiz module
  • Subject-specific quiz module
  • Entire syllabus-specific quiz module

The following are all the content areas that are covered in the MLSIA ASCP microbiology quiz modules:

Analytical Process for Bacteriology

  • Antimicrobial susceptibility testing
  • Methods of identification
  • Agents of infection
  • BSL-3 pathogens and select agents
  • Colony morphology
  • ESBL/CRE , MRSA/MSSA, VRE screening
  • Other lab results Correlation
  • Organism pathogenicity
  • Specimen sources
  • Normal flora
  • Resistance of antibiotic

Preanalytic Procedures

  • Sample transport
  • Stains (Interpretation, Methodology, & rules)
  • Sample collection

Analytic Procedures for Mycology, Parasitology,  Virology,  and Mycobacteriology

  • Disease states
  • Major pathogens
  • Serological testing procedures
  • Antifungal/ Antimicrobial/antiviral susceptibility testing ( SM ASCP only)
  • Procedures of identification
  • Specimen sources

Lab Operation

  • Instrumentation
  • Procedures of postanalytic
  • Administration (SM ASCP only)
  • Safety
  • Laboratory Mathematics
  • Quality assessment/Troubleshooting

ASCP Microbiology Quiz Module can be Used at any Time

Are you hesitant to get any practice tools due to their fixed timing and you cannot attend them due to your busy schedule?

Be happy, because the ASCP microbiology quiz module of MLSIA QBanks does not demand to practice on them at specific times.

Once you earn them, they are yours, and you can use them at any time at your convenience hours.

ASCP Microbiology Quiz Modules Comprise Hundreds of Questions

The ASCP BOC determines the four subjects for M/SM ASCP exam preparation.

The MLSIA QBanks cover the entire syllabus with all its outlines; therefore, it offers unlimited questions.

It is like a cooked food that eliminates your struggle to practice your exam content area.

You only need to implement it, it is easily and quickly digestible.

ASCP Microbiology Quiz Module Can Be Used as Many times as You Want

The most prominent feature of the MLSIA ASCP microbiology quiz modules is that you can use them as many times as you want.

Whether you have to use these modules twice or 10 times to get a grip on your learning, you are free to use them.

  • You can track your program
  • You can know your knowledge gap
  • You practice on them until your preparation satisfaction

How to Use the ASCP Microbiology Quiz Module Effectively?

The ASCP microbiology quiz module is a complete source to practice your exam content area.
Although it offers you amazing benefits, when you use it with other tools effectively, it streamlines your success.
Make sure to implement the following tools with the ASCP microbiology quiz module:

Total Time: 1 minute

Access the ASCP Microbiology Classes

The ASCP microbiology quiz module is a tool for practicing your learning.
But when it comes to getting the knowledge from a starting point, you must attend the ASCP microbiology classes.
You should join the video classes that cover your entire syllabus by all its outlines.
For it, the MLSIA ASCP microbiology video lectures are the best solution, because the academy accomplishes your overall exam content area under the supervision of ASCP-certified, MSc, & Ph.D. holders’ professors in an interactive environment.

Recordings of Classes

Do not worry, if you have skipped your classes for unknown happenings, because the MLSIAcademy records all the classes.
You can access recordings within 24 hours after the live session.
The academy allows you to watch these recordings during your flexible hours.
For deep comprehension, you can pause, slow down, and replay the recordings.

What about the ASCP Microbiology Study Guide?

Always choose the best study guide that summarizes the content efficiently so that you can understand it easily.
Regarding an all-in-one study guide, there is no alternative that can compete with the characteristics of the MLSIA study guide.
Because it is
Comprehensive: Cover the entire content area effectively
Conclusive: Remove all fluff and work on the most important content
All-in-one: Juice of many other study guides
Professors Experience: It is designed by ASCP-certified professors.
To-the-Point: Only focus on the wanted and remove all unwanted content.
Easily accessible: It is easily accessible on mobile and desktops.

MLSIA ASCP Microbiology Quiz Modules

Although you can use the ASCP microbiology quiz modules to study your content, it present amazing benefits when you use it to practice your learning.
You must utilize the quiz modules after
finishing each topic
completing each specific chapter.
accomplishing your particular chapter.
covering your complete exam content area

ASCP Microbiology Q&A Modules

To refresh and cement your knowledge, you should also utilize the Q&A modules by MLSIA QBanks.
You can also use them as often as you want, like the quiz modules.
These questions and answers are extracted from the entire exam syllabus and packed into specific modules for your convenience.
It is a great effort by MLSIA experts that they do to eliminate your struggle to get the ASCP M microbiology technologists and ASCP SM microbiology specialist certification.

Use Practice Exam To Complete Your Preparation

Until you participate in the practice exam, you cannot be satisfied with your preparation.
For this, the provides you with a bundle of practice exams that you can use to practice your overall exam content area.
If you use these practice exams by tracking your progress every time, you will become the master of your exam content area.

Mock Exam: Real Touch of Final Exam

The mock exam adds the final touch to your ASCP M/SM exam preparation.
It is a big opportunity to understand the real environment of ASCP M technologists in microbiology and ASCP SM specialists in microbiology exam environment and format.
The MLSIA QBanks also conducts the mock version to aware its students about the complications of the ASCP real exam.

CAT Exam: Real Demo of Final Exam

The CAT (computer adaptive testing) is a format of the ASCP M/SM exam.
If you participate in it before going for the final exam, you will get commands on every complexity of the final exam.
Therefore, the MLSIA also presents the CAT exam, that is designed according to the format of the final exam.
To design this, the MLSIA QBanks chose different percentages of questions from every content area.
It is composed of 100 MCQs and the given time frame to solve it is 180 minutes.


  • ASCP Microbiology Course


  • ASCP Microbiology Live Classes
  • Recording of Classes
  • ASCP Microbiology Study Guide
  • ASCP Microbiology QBanks

Materials: ASCP Microbiology PDF ASCP Microbiology Video Lectures

Example of ASCP Microbiology Quiz Module

Vibrio parahaemolyticus is an excellent isolate from feces on:

  1. SS (Salmonella Shigella) agar
  2. EMB (Eosin methylene blue) agar
  3. TCMS (Thiosulpate citrate bile salts) agar
  4. HE (Hektoen enteric) agar

For HIV, which test is a primary screening?

  1. CD4 count
  2. Western blot
  3. Serun enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
  4. Quantitative HIV RNA

Which ciliate organism is medically significant?

  1. Chilomastix mesnili
  2. Balantidium coli
  3. Acanthamoeba
  4. Cryptosporiduim parvum

Many fungal infections are transmitted between men by inhalation; which of the following is contracted in this way?

  1. Histoplasma capsulatum
  2. Trichophyton rubrum
  3. Sprothirix schenckii
  4. Maassezia furfur

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