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ASCP Microbiology Q&A QBank Module

ASCP Microbiology Quiz QBank Module

ASCP Microbiology Practice Exam QBank Module

ASCP Microbiology Mock Exam QBank Module

ASCP Microbiology CAT Exam QBank Module

Why MLSIA ASCP Microbiology QBanks?

What are you considering about practicing your ASCP M technologist in microbiology OR ASCP SM specialist in microbiology exam content area?

You should depend on MLSIA ASCP microbiology QBanks, which offers you tremendous practicing tools.

The following are the tools that you will get from the MLSIA QBanks:

  • ASCP Microbiology Q&A Modules
  • ASCP Microbiology Quizzes
  • Flashcards
  • Practice Exam
  • Mock Exam
  • CAT Exam

To access these tools, you must subscribe to the MLSIA ASCP microbiology review course program by MLSIAcademy.

Along with the ASCP microbiology QBanks, you will also get the these services: ASCP Microbiology Video Lectures, Recordings of Classes, and ASCP Microbiology Study Guide.

In this article, we will describe the features of MLSIA ASCP QBanks services and you will learn about the strategies to implement all the resources.

MLSIA ASCP Microbiology QBanks is Compiled by Experts

All the services that you will get from the MLSIA ASCP microbiology QBanks are compiled by experts.

These experts clearly know the format of ASCP microbiology exam questions.

Therefore, they designed these tools accordingly.

Are you considering the qualifications of these MLSIA experts?

All these experts are MSc and Ph.D. degree holders with their ASCP certifications.

MLSIA ASCP Microbiology QBanks is Covering ASCP Exam Syllabus

To review or practice your entire content area, the MLSIA ASCP microbiology QBanks are an ultimate source.

By getting it, you will be able to cover the A-Z content that the ASCP Board of Certification determines for the M/SM ASCP exam preparation.

The following are all the outlines that are encompassed by MLSIA ASCP microbiology QBanks:

Preanalytic Procedures

  • Sample transport
  • Stains (Methodology, interpretation, & rules)
  • Sample collection

Analytical Procedures for Bacteriology

  • Agents of infection
  • BSL-3 pathogens & select agents
  • Organism pathogenicity
  • Identification methods
  • Colony morphology
  • Antimicrobial susceptibility testing
  • Normal flora
  • Correlation with other lab results
  • MRSA/MSSA, VRE, ESBL/CRE screening
  • Specimen sources
  • Antibiotic resistance

Analytic Procedures for Mycology, Mycobacteriology, Virology, and Parasitology

  • Disease states
  • Major pathogens
  • Specimen sources
  • Identification procedures
  • Serological testing procedures
  • Antimicrobial/antiviral/antifungal susceptibility testing (only for SM ASCP)

Laboratory Operation

  • Postanalytic procedures
  • Administration (only for SM ASCP)
  • Safety
  • Laboratory Mathematics
  • Instrumentation
  • Troubleshooting/quality assessment

MLSIA ASCP Microbiology QBanks is All-in-One Questions Options

The MLSIA QBanks is an all-in-one questions option because it covers the entire exam syllabus by questions in the form of many practice tools.

It provides its students with flashcards, Q&A bundles, quiz modules, mock exams, practice exams, and CAT exams.

Due to the offering of these amazing tools, the MLSIA ASCP microbiology QBanks are an all-in-one option to get practicing tools.

MLSIA ASCP Microbiology QBanks Q&A Modules

These questions and answers modules navigate the entire ASCP M/SM exam content area.

From little sections to the entire exam syllabus, all are converted into Q&A.

You will get the following benefits from these modules:

  • Cover the entire exam syllabus one by one with full commands enough to cement your learning.
  • The best tool to bridge the gap in your knowledge
  • Improve the information retention and recall phase
  • Opportunity to understand the style of M/SM ASCP final exam questions

MLSIA ASCP Microbiology QBanks Quizzes Modules

The MLSIA QBanks design the bundle of quizzes, all are topic specific.

If you implement this tool at the start of your study, you will get better results, because you can review/practice your learning side by side.

You will get the

  • Topic-specific quiz modules
  • Chapter-specific quiz modules
  • Subject-specific quiz modules
  • Entire syllabus quiz modules

MLSIA ASCP Microbiology Practice Exam QBanks

With the bundle of practice exams, offers its students the opportunity to reduce their anxiety related to exam preparation.

The MLSIA experts chose the questions from the exam content area to develop practice exams: 100 MCQs for all.

The most prominent benefit of these practice exams is that you can track your programs to participate in them again and again.

They are without time limitation, when and how many times all depend on you.

Microbiology Mock Exam by

What are the question percentages regarding each content area, duration, format, and style of questions of the final exam?

The academy presents you with the opportunity to understand real exam format by establishing the mock exam

To design the mock exam, the MLSIA QBanks pick the different percentages of questions from each content area:

Content areas and question percentages are:

  • Preanalytical Procedures: 10-15% for M ASCP but 5-10% for SM ASCP
  • Analytical Procedures for Bacteriology: 45-55% for M ASCP but 30-40% for SM ASCP
  • Analytic Procedures for Mycology, Mycobacteriology, Virology, and Parasitology: 20-30% for M ASCP but 30-40% for SM ASCP
  • Laboratory Operation:10-15% for M ASCP but 20-25% for SM ASCP

The MLSIA mock exam comprises 100 MCQs, and the given timeframe for them is 180 minutes.

MLSA QBanks CAT Exam

Along with other practicing tools, the MLSIA QBanks also conduct CAT (computer adaptive testing) formulate test.

These tests are established by using the same percentage of questions that the board fixed for the final exam.

The time to solve the MLSIA CAT is 180 minutes.

Make sure to participate in it to perform well in the final exam of ASCP M/SM.

How to Utilize the ASCP Microbiology QBanks Effectively

ASCP Microbiology Video Lectures

It should be your first study tool when you know nothing about your content.
Make sure to gain knowledge by asking questions so that you may understand all the content clearly.
Make sure to attend the classes that offer you an interactive environment and guarantee to cover your entire exam content area.
For this, go for MLSIA ASCP microbiology video lectures.

Recordings of Classes

The class recordings are very effective tools that prevent your lectures from going to waste.
Because if you have to skip your lectures due to an unknown happening, you can watch the recordings later.
The MLSIA records all ASCP M/SM lectures for its students’ convenience.
You can get them within 24 hours after the classes

ASCP Microbiology Study Guide

After gaining knowledge by attending the live sessions and watching the recordings, it is time to review your content from the study guide.
A comprehensive, conclusive, and unified study material will help you a lot to cover your exam content concisely.
For this, you must consider the MLSIA ASCP microbiology study guide

Utilize Quiz Modules

After completing your first topic, you must practice it by using the MLSIA Quiz modules.
By implementing the topic-specific quiz modules, you can cover your entire chapter.
When it comes to practicing one complete chapter, you must choose the MLSIA chapter-specific quiz modules and so on.

Questions and Answers Modules

To refresh your knowledge, you must try MLSIA Q&A modules.
These modules help you practice the whole exam syllabus accurately and improve your information retention phases.

Practice Exams

The right time to utilize the practice exams in your study plan is when you complete your entire syllabus.
You should continue your practice from these practice exams until you get 100% results.

Mock Exam

After getting a full grip on your exam content area, you can participate in the mock exam to understand the final exam format.
The MLSIA mock exams are relevant to the final exam, make sure to attend them.

CAT Exam

When you close your preparation process and you have only one week in the exam, you should consider the CAT exam.
MLSIA CAT exam is a big opportunity to consider the challenges and their combating techniques before going for the exam.


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