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HTL (ASCP) Course Review Program

The HTL ASCP Review Course program for Histotechnologist by is Your All in One Preparation Program To Pass The ASCP Histology Exam. The Course Syllabus includes Fixation, Embedding/Microtomy, Processing, Staining and Laboratory Operation. Course Program includes HTL (ASCP) Live Online Classes, Video Recording Of Classes, MLSIA ASCP Histology Study Guide, Study Plan and How To Pass HTL ASCP Exam Action Plan and MLSIA QBanks.

Course Provider: Organization

Course Provider Name: (MLSIA)

Course Mode: Online

Course Workload: PT40H

Duration: PT40H

Repeat Count: 8

Repeat Frequency: Weekly

Course Type: Paid

Course Currency: USD

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– Weekly for up to ≃ 10 weeks
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– Holding MSc degree

– PhD degree

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Course Syllabus: What You Will Learn To Pass HTL ASCP Exam?

  • Tissues
  • Procedures
  • Parameters
  • Instruments
  • Procedures
  • Instruments
  • Tissues
  • Instruments
  • Tissues
  • Procedures
  • Reagents
  • Tissues
  • Reagents
  • Reagents/dye
  • Mounting procedures
  • Safety
  • Laboratory Mathematics
  • Ancillary Instruments/equipment (e.g., pH meter, computers, solvent recovery)
  • Management
  • Education
  • Regulations


HTL (ASCP) Course Review Program

The HTL ASCP Review Course program for Histotechnologist by is Your All in One Preparation Program To Pass The ASCP Histology Exam. The Course Syllabus includes Fixation, Embedding/Microtomy, Processing, Staining and Laboratory Operation. Course Program includes HTL (ASCP) Live Online Classes, Video Recording Of Classes, MLSIA ASCP Histology Study Guide, Study Plan and How To Pass HTL ASCP Exam Action Plan and MLSIA QBanks.

Course Provider: Organization

Course Provider Name: (MLSIA)

Course Mode: Online

Course Workload: PT40H

Duration: PT40H

Repeat Count: 8

Repeat Frequency: Weekly

Course Type: Paid

Course Currency: USD

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Have you decided to ace your HTL ASCP histotechnologist exam content area by getting help from the HTL ASCP course?

Do you know which course really works for you to cover your exam content area in a minimum amount of time?

Make sure to get the services of the MLSIA HTL ASCP review program by to get all crucial tools under one roof.

MLSIAcademy is a team of ASCP-certified experts who guide you in covering the exam content area and passing the ASCP histotechnologist exam with great scores.

All the study and practice tools that you will receive from MLSIA are compiled by these experts.

 In this article, we will expose the features of the MLSIA HTL ASCP course review program in detail so that you may know how this course is relevant to your preparation.

Products of MLSIA HTL ASCP Course Review Program

The following are all the services that you will get after subscribing to the MLSIA HTL ASCP course:

  • Live Classes
  • Recordings of Classes
  • Study Guide
  • Q&A Modules
  • Quiz Modules
  • Flashcards
  • Practice Exam
  • Mock Exam
  • CAT Exam
  • Study Plan
  • How to Pass the HTL ASCP Exam Action Plan

HTL ASCP Live Classes

For deep understanding, you must attend the live classes where you can ask questions from tutors regarding your confusion.

It is essential to clear your initial blurred concepts so that you can hold all the content areas accurately.

Therefore, MLSIAcademy clears its students’ initial concepts by establishing live classes that are delivered by ASCP-certified experts.

The MLSIA classes are designed based on an interactive environment where you can ask questions and get the best solutions to all your problems.

After subscribing to the MLSIA HTL ASCP course, you will get a link to access the live classes. 

HTL ASCP Study Guide

The study guide is the key tool that is essential to preparing you for exam preparation.

When it comes to getting the MLSIA HTL ASCP study guide; it is a comprehensive, conclusive, and to-the-point study tool for preparation.

The MLSIA study guide is an all-in-one study option that condenses many books under one cover.

These books include:

  • Histologic Preparations: Common Problems and Their Solutions.
  • Histotechnology: A Self-Instructional Text (5th ed.).
  • Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry: Theranostic and Genomic Applications (6th ed.).
  • Atlas of Histology with Functional Correlations (13th ed.)
  • Histological and Histochemical Methods: Theory and Practice (5th ed.).
  • The Nature of Disease: Pathology for the Health Professions (2nd ed.).
  • Wheater’s Functional Histology: A Text and Colour Atlas (7th ed.).
  • Bancroft’s Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques (8th ed.).
  • BOC Study Guide: Histotechnology Certification Examinations (3rd ed.). Histotechnology: A Self-Assessment Workbook (5th ed.).
  • HistoDeck Flash Cards (3rd ed.)
  • Dako Education Guide: Special Stains and H & E (2nd ed.)
  • Practical Guide to Specimen Handling in Surgical Pathology.
  • Dako IHC Guidebook: Immunohistochemical Staining Methods (6
  • Laboratory Safety: A Self-Assessment Workbook (2nd ed.)
  • Clinical Laboratory Management (2nd ed.)
  • Laboratory Management: Principles and Processes (4th ed.). St.

The following are the features of the MLSIA HTL study guide:

  • Comprehensive: This study guide navigates the entire exam content area.
  • Conclusive: A study guide that only focuses on content that is important regarding the ASCP histotechnologist exam questions.
  • All-in-one study guide: A mixture of many books that the board recommends for preparation.
  • Expert experience: This study guide is designed by experts who have Ph.D. and MSc degrees with ASCP certification.
  • Easily Accessible: It is easily accessible on mobile phones and desktops.

HTL ASCP Q&A Modules

You can perform better when you get the chance to review your entire exam content area with questions and answers.

The MLSIA QBanks offer you hundreds of questions and answers that navigate the entire exam content area.

If you use this tool in your preparation, you can get commands on your exam syllabus.

This is the best tool to know your weaknesses, question style, and current position regarding exam preparation.

HTL ASCP Quiz Modules

The most prominent feature of MLSIA HTL ASCP quiz modules is that they are topic-specific.

These modules cover the entire exam content area by covering each topic one-by-one.

If you implement this tool at the start of your study, you can get hold of each topic.

By MLSIA QBanks, you will get the following quiz modules:

  • Topic-specific quizzes
  • Chapter-specific quizzes
  • Subject-specific quizzes
  • Entire syllabus-specific quizzes


Do you know the benefits of using flashcards for ASCP exam preparation?

This is an amazing tool that is a mixture of many other practice tools

In the flashcards, you will see the MCQs, quizzes, fill in the banks, etc that help you to cover your exam syllabus.

After getting the MLSIA flashcards, you can navigate the difficult vocabulary, extremely important dates of inventions, etc, vital quizzes, etc.

Practice Exam by MLSIA QBanks

For immense benefit, you must go for the practice exams.

When you are a subscriber to the MLSIA HTL ASCP course, you will get a series of practice exams.

These practice exams are composed of 100 multiple-choice questions that improve your learning and speed up the process of getting the content compared to only reading.

Are you one of those who only get the content from repeated things?

Do not worry, you are free to use this tool as many times as you want.

By regularly participating in the ASCP HTL practice exam, you will get the following advantages;

  • Reduce your worry about the preparation because your preparation percentage will rise within a few days.
  • Courage you to sit in the exam confidently
  • You will also know what area is fully prepared and what needs your extra attention.

Mock Exam For HTL (ASCP) Exam

After getting access to the MLSIA HTL ASCP course, you will get the chance to understand the real exam’s materials and structure in the form of a mock exam.

The MLSIA offers its students a chance to participate in stress-free mock tests that are only conducted to familiarize them with the exam format.

This mock version consists of 100 questions and the academy fixes 3 hours to cover this exam.

It is the same as the ASCP HTL histotechnologist real exam.

CAT Exam: Need to Understand

The HTL (ASCP) exam is authorized by CAT (computer adaptive testing), so you must understand its format.

At MLSIAcademy, you will get odds to participate in a CAT-formulated test.

The MLSIA CAT also comprises the 1oo questions like the HTL (ASCP) real exam.

This computer displays a series of easy or difficult questions to monitor the candidate’s knowledge.

Here is the percentage of questions that MLSIA extracted from the entire exam content to develop a 100-question CAT exam:

  • Fixation: (15%-25%)
  • Embedding/Microtomy: (15%-25%
  • Processing: (10%-20%)
  • Staining: (30%-40%)
  • Laboratory Operation: (10%-15%)

HTL ASCP Study Plan

Your HTL ASCP study plan must help you achieve your learning goal in your available time.

It must divide your workload into manageable chunks.

For better preparation, you should define your daily study plan properly

To create an effective study schedule, you must keep the following things in mind;

  • Monitor your individual study style ( your productive time (night or morning), time duration for each subject, etc.).
  • Evaluate which subject needs extra and least attention to finish it
  • Keep your preference for preparation in mind and make sure to cover each topic of every subject.

Never give up your study schedule to keep a balance between studying and other life activities.

Eligibility Requirements for HTL ASCP

The ASCP Board of Certification determines the four eligibility routes for U.S. candidates and three eligibility routes for international candidates.

With one route requirement, you have to meet the lab experience in the required areas.


  • Route 1: Histotechnician or histotechnologist program approved by the NAACLS, and bachelor’s degree with a combination of 30-semester hrs in biology and chemistry.
  • Route 2: Histopathology laboratory clinical experience of one year or histopathology industry,  veterinary, or research experience or histology program of two-part structure with 480 hours of clinical experience in histopathology lab and baccalaureate degree in biological science or chemistry or bachelor degree with the combination of 30 semester hrs in chemistry and biology.
  • Route 3: 6 months of histopathology laboratory clinical experience or six months of research, industry, and veterinary experience in histopathology lab, or bachelor’s degree, and ASCP HT certification.
  • Route 4: Histotechnician training course of 50 week offered by the U.S. military and a bachelor’s degree with a combination of 30 semester hrs in chemistry and biology.

International HTL ASCP

  • Route 1: Histotechnologist or histotechnician clinical training program (with an internship in histotechnology) and bachelor’s degree with 30 semester hours combination in biology and chemistry.
  • Route 2: Baccalaureate degree in biology and chemistry with 30 semester hours combination, or baccalaureate degree in chemistry or biological science, histopathology lab clinical experience, Or veterinary, research, and industry experience in the histopathology lab.
  • Route 3: Histopathology clinical experience of six months, Or six months of research, industry, or veterinary experience in a histopathology lab, bachelor’s degree, ASCP/ASCPi HT.

Lab Experience for HTL ASCP/ASCPi

Getting lab experience in all the following is vital to meeting the complete eligibility requirements:


  • Preparation, selection, & use of decalcification reagents
  • Tissue processor maintenance and operation
  • Selection of processing methods (e.g.,cytology, immunohistochemistry, routine histology)


  • Reagents
  • Parameters
  • Preparation, selection, and use of various applications of fixation
  • Fixation artifacts troubleshooting


  • Microtomy
  • Maintenance and operation of microtome
  • Embedding center maintenance and operation
  • Embedding orientation and tissue identification

Lab Operation

  • Quality control
  • Corrective action for equipment, preventive maintenance, and operation
  • Lab safety protocols application
  • Troubleshooting


  • Preparation of reagents
  • Coverslipping & mounting procedures
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Routine staining
  • Tissue structures identification and their staining properties
  • Selection of control material
  • Special staining (e.g., microorganisms, carbohydrates)

How to Pass the ASCP HTL Exam Action Plan?

Learn Each Topic Clearly

The ASCP histotechnologist is an MCQ-based exam. Each topic is important in getting exam questions from it.

Therefore, each topic that you are going to cover must be understood clearly so that if any question is chosen from this part, you can retrieve it promptly and choose the best answer.

For this, you must implement the MLSIA quiz module which explores each topic effectively.

Join the HTL ASCP Course

To meet all deficiencies in your preparation, you must go for an ultimate HTL ASCP course.

To choose one best, you should consider the tutors’ qualifications, academy years experience, services, etc.

The MLSIAcademy offers a first-attempt success guarantee, you should try its HTL ASCP course, which offers you great services and support to reach your goal.

Get Confidence To Go HTL ASCP

Before going for the HTL (ASCP), you should learn its exam format.
For this, you must participate in practice exams that familiarize you with exam question style and format.

The HTL ASCP course is packed with practice exams, mock exams, and CAT exams, that increase your confidence to cope with the ASCP histotechnologist exam challenges.

ASCP Review Courses by MLSIA.

Resources: ASCP BOC.