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MLSIA ASCP Hematology Video Lectures by MLSIAcademy

If you are searching for the H (ASCP) hematology technologist or SH (ASCP) hematology specialist video lectures, you must consider the MLSIA ASCP hematology video lectures by

Because the MLSIA ASCP hematology classes fully cover all the topics and offer a well-rounded education that fulfills the standard of the exam.

The academy offers a dynamic platform that mixes animation, texts, and images to make learning more interesting for its students.

The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) determines the wide syllabus for the ASCP H/SH; covering the entire syllabus is important to pass this certificate exam successfully.

To cover this huge syllabus, you must get help from online hematology course like the MLSIA ASCP hematology course.

This course comes with all the necessary tools that meet all preparation-related requirements.

It comprises:

  • ASCP hematology Classes
  • ASCP Hematology Recordings of Classes
  • ASCH Hematology Study Guide
  • ASCH Hematolgy QBank

In this article, we will offer complete information about the MLSIA ASCP hematology video lectures so that you may consider their importance for your ASCP hematology exam preparation.

Why Choose the ASCP Hematology Video Lectures?

To improve comprehension and retention, you must choose the ASCP hematology video lectures.

The following are reasons why you should opt for the ASCP hematology video lectures:

Complete Coverage

The ASCP is well-known for its huge and complicated syllabus for all its certifications, including the H/SH ASCP.

You have to cover the 5 subjects: Hematology Physiology, Hematology Disease States, Hematology Lab Testing, Lab Operation, and Hemostasis.

The MLSIA ASCP video lectures cover all these subjects with outlines.

Visual Learning

When you get the content visually, it improves your retention many times more than only reading.

Video lectures are a combination of auditory and visual elements that make the content easily understandable for all intelligence levels of students.

Experts Experience

The MLSIA ASCP video lectures are designed and delivered by subject matter experts and well-experienced tutors.

Therefore, you will get deep insights into all the learning that you get by attending the video lectures.

Learning Flexibility

The MLSIAcademy not only offers you video lectures but also their recordings.

You can watch these recordings at your own pace and during your convenience hrs.

Self-paced Learning Opportunity

The students’ intelligence levels do not fall on one scale.  All students have their own strategies for understanding the exam content areas.

Hence, using the ASCP video lectures is a positive move for self-paced learning.

You can pause, rewind, and replay the videos according to your preferences.

Features of MLSIA ASCP Video Lectures

The following are the features of MLSIA ASCP video lectures

  • Recording of the classes is available 24 hrs, after the class
  • Up to 3 hrs of video recording for each class
  • Accessible by Windows, Mac, Android, IOS
  • Comprehensive coverage of the MLS ASCP syllabus
  • Interactive and case study-based learning
  • Access to experienced instructors and ASCP-certified professionals

Topic Cover in the MLSIA ASCP Hematology Video Lectures

The following are all the outlines that are covered in the MLSIA ASCP hematology video lectures:

Hematology Physiology

  • Physiology (destruction, function, & production) of blood, body fluids, and bone marrow.

Hematology Disease States

  • Disease state-associated quantitative/qualitative abnormalities of leukocytes, erythrocytes, & platelets.

Hematology Laboratory Testing

  • Molecular/cytogenetic testing
  • Hemolytic indicators
  • Evaluation
  • Cell counts
  • Flow cytometry immunophenotyping
  • Special strains
  • Hemoglobin/hematocrit
  • Indices
  • Morphology/differentials


  • Hemostasis-affiliated disease state
  • Hemostasis lab determinations
  • Physiology (vascular system & pathways)

Laboratory Operation

  • Instrumentation
  • POCT (point-of-care testing)
  • Safety
  • Laboratory Mathematics
  • Troubleshooting
  • Regulations
  • Quality assessment
  • Lab administration (only for SH ASCP)

How to Integrate the Video Lectures into Your ASCP Exam Study Plan?

All the study tools, including the ASCP hematology video lectures, are valuable if you get the content from them accurately. But one thing can enhance its benefits if you implement it wisely.

Total Time: 1 minute

Implement the Video Lectures into Your Study Plan

To cover the content concisely, you must implement the ASCP hematology video lectures in your study plan.
For this, you should create a flexible study plan that can easily adjust all your modifications.
To make it successful, you should set your study schedule according to the timetable of live classes. If you cannot do it, you must get the recordings.

Balancing ASCP Hematology Video Lectures with Other Study Tools

To cover the ASCP H/SH exam syllabus, you must keep a balance in all the study materials.
Make sure to implement all like this;
First of all, you should attend the live classes, if you skip the classes, sure to get recordings
After attending the classes, you must read and learn this content by using the ASCP hematology study guide.
After getting knowledge from the study material, you must practice your learning by using the practice exam or practice questions and answers (MLSIA QBank offers the ultimate tools to practice your learning).

Make Notes while Attending the Classes

When you attend a class that may be 40 minutes long or more: you can lose the important content of your learning from your mind.
To keep information in mind;
You should attend the classes actively
Ask questions related to your confusion
Make notes of vital headings, definitions, formulas, etc., so you can retrieve the information easily.

Recording of ASCP Hematology Video Lectures

In recordings, you can pause, slow down, and replay the videos, to understand all the content.
Recording is the best alternative tool that you can use if you skip or miss your live classes due to unknown happenings.
The MLSIAcademy records all the lectures of ASCP H/SH classes; you can get these recordings within 24 hours after the classes.


  • ASCP Hematology Course


  • ASCP Hematology Live Classes
  • ASCP Hematology Recordings
  • ASCP Hematology Study Guide
  • ASCP Hematology Practice Questions and Answers

Materials: ASCP Hematology PDF ASCP Hematology video lectures

Supplement ASCP Hematology Video Lectures With Other ASCP Exam Preparation Resources

For H/SH ASCP exam preparation, only attending the ASCP hematology video lectures is not adequate, you have to choose the other study material with classes.

If you get all the study tools separately, it may be expensive for you.

So it is best that you subscribe to the MLSIA ASCP hematology prep course, which is packed with all the necessary tools and comes at an affordable price.

For this, you must subscribe to the MLSIA ASCP hematology course, which is a handy solution to all your problems.

Following are all the services of the MLSIA ASCP Hematology course that it offers with ASCP hematology video lectures:

ASCP Hematology Study Guide

This hematology study guide is compiled by ASCP-certified experts who also hold PhD and MSc degrees

The MLSIA applies many tips to make the content easy:

  • Visual illustration: It uses graphs, images, diagrams, tables, etc. to make the content easy.
  • Color: Use multiple colors to highlight the content
  • To-the-point: Always focus on vital content and remove all unwanted part
  • Conclusive: Only focus on what is really crucial
  • Comprehensive: Mixtures of many books

ASCP Hematology QBanks

Practice can make a difference in your preparation.

Therefore, the MLSIA ASCP hematology QBank offers the following practicing tools:

  • ASCP Hematology Flashcards
  • ASCP Hematology Q&A
  • ASCP Hematology Quiz
  • ASCP Hematology Practice Exam
  • ASCP Hematology Mock Exam
  • ASCP Hematology CAT Exam

ASCP Hematology Flashcards

The MLSIA QBank offers flashcards that comprise complicated formulas, dates of special inventions, definitions of difficult vocabulary, short questions and answers, and MCQs.

By using these flashcards:

  • You can review and practice your learning easily
  • Cover the entire content area, like playing a games
  • Improve your information retention phase
  • Easily digestible

ASCP Hematology Questions and Answers

The MLSIA QBank also presents questions and answers for each subject and entire syllabus.

The MLSIA hematology Q&A modules comprise hundreds of questions.

You can use them to practice and review your entire content area.

ASCP Hematology Quiz

The ASCP hematology quiz is topic specific.

The MLSIA QBank describes every topic of each subject with quizzes.

If you want to practice any specific topic, you should use the ASCP hematology quiz.

ASCP Hematology Practice Exam

All these practice exams are composed of 100 MCQs that are derived from all subjects.

It is the best tool when you want to determine the knowledge gap in the entire exam content area.

You can practice on these practice tests per your needs.

ASCP Hematology Mock Exam

What is mock? A mock is a copy of a real exam that resembles it in all aspects.

No matter what you want to learn about the real exam, it explains everything, including the question style, exam format, center environment, etc.

ASCP Hematology CAT Exam never compromises on providing the minimum services.

The establishment of the CAT (computer adaptive testing) exam is a great struggle for MLSIA experts.

The MLSIA CAT exam format matches with the H/SH ASCP CAT exam.

Here, you will learn all the technical or practical issues that you may face in the real ASCP exam.

Choosing the Right ASCP Hematology Video Lectures for You

There are many academies that are offering services for ASCP hematology classes, but which one is the best from all?

You can choose the right ASCP hematology video lectures by following tips:

Check the Academy Success Rate

To approach the right one, you must check the academy’s history and previous students’ testimonials.

The MLSIAcademy has many years of experience and also won many awards for presenting the best services for ASCP exam preparation.

Tutors Qualification

Before getting the ASCP hematology video lectures, you must consider the tutors’ qualifications and specialization.

All the professors at MLSIA are ASCP certified and also hold MSc and PhD degrees.

Covering Content

You also get information about the content that will be covered in your selected video lectures.

The MLSIA ASCP hematology video lectures by cover all the content according to the ASCP Board of Certification recommended outlines.

Alternative Option

No one knows about the unknown happenings.

But you must know what your chosen academy offers if you miss your classes due to emergencies.

At MLSIAcademy, you will get the recordings if you miss your lectures due to any reason or want to watch them again for deep insights.

FAQs for the ASCP Hematology Video Lectures

Why should I implement the ASCP hematology video lectures into my study plan?

The ASCP hematology video lectures help you understand the content both visually and auditorily and clear all the content with tests, images, and animations.

Where should I get the ASCP Hematology video lectures?

The MLSIAcademy is a renowned academy that offers ultimate services for ASCP certification preparation. You must subscribe to the MLSIA ASCP hematology course, which provides all preparation tools, including video lectures.

How can I pass the ASCP H/SH exam?

If you get the preparation done by using effective tools like the ASCP hematology video lectures, study guides, practice exams, etc., you can pass the ASCP with ease.

Other ASCP Courses by MLSIA?

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