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How to Pass the ASCP Hematology Exam Action Plan

Pass the ASCP Hematology Exam Action Plan by MLSIAcademy

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) conducts difficult exams for H (ASCP) hematology technologist and SH (ASCP) hematology specialist certificates.

Most students find it too difficult and fail it due to this anxiety.

No doubt, passing the ASCP H/SH exam is difficult compared to all exams that you have passed as a hematologist, but it is not impossible to pass.

However, it is a fact that passing the H/SH ASCP demands your full determination, tiring hard work, and a lot of time to focus.

If you create an actionable study plan and use effective study tools, you can pass it with ease.

In this article, we are going to expose some tips and strategies that will help you pass the ASCP hematology exam action plan with tremendous success.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Clear Comprehension of the Exam Content Area

ASCP Hematology Exam Content Areas by MLSIAcademy

Before doing anything to study for the ASCP H/SH exam, you must understand its syllabus.
The ASCP Board of Certification determines five exam content areas for the H/SH exam that is hematology physiology, hematology disease states, hemostasis, hematology laboratory testing, and lab operation.
Getting knowledge from all exam content areas is vital because the ASCP BOC selects different percentages of questions from all.

Understand the ASCP Hematology Exam Format

The H/SH exams are formulated by the CAT (computer adaptive testing): A computer-based exam that is packed with a bundle of difficult and easy questions.
Both exams comprise 100 MCQs and the duration to cover them is 2 hrs and 3o minutes.
This computer displays a series of difficult or easy questions on your computer screen based on the answers to your previous questions.
There are no skipping options regarding the questions; for each question that appears on your computer screen, you have to answer to get the next question.

Create an Actionable Study Plan

No other strategies are actionable except creating an ASCP hematology exam action plan that demonstrates all your study tips and tools that you are going to implement.

A study plan helps you become more efficient, productive, and well-organized.

Once you create it efficiently, it divides your study load into short and manageable chunks.

Besides this, it also eliminates the anxiety of other activities of life and keeps a balance between your study and practice.

Subscribe to the ASCP Hematology Course

To pass the ASCP hematology exam action plan, you have to get help from an authorized academy that presents all the preparation tools.
There are many academies in the online market that are offering their services for H/SH ASCP exam preparation, but the best academy of all is
This academy has many years of experience and has won many awards for offering the best services for hematology ASCP exam preparation.
The MLSIAcademy provides the following services
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Practicing your Learning

To become a master of your field and pass the ASCP hematology action plan, you must practice your learning.
“Practice makes a man perfect.” Therefore, you should get a grip on your learning by using different practice tools.
The MLSIA ASCP hematology QBanks by offer you many tools that train you to pass the ASCP hematology action plan with ease.

Flashcards: short questions, definitions of difficult vocabulary, MCQs, etc.
Q&A Module: Help to refresh your knowledge and retrieve information
Quiz Module: Topic-specific questions and answers and cover the entire content area one by one.
Practice Exam: Bundle of 100 MCQ  practice questions that you can practice at any time.
Mock Exam: 100 MCQ mock exam (resembling the ASCP final exam) that you have to cover in 180 minutes
CAT Exam: The computer adaptive testing exam matches the ASCP H/SH true exam in all aspects.

Organized Your Study Space

The room or place that you arrange for study must be well-organized.
You must set your table or chair in a place where you can get enough light and air.
Keep all the necessary preparation products that you need for study on your table books, pencils, papers, or any other products.
You should choose a place where you do not face any distractions, noise, etc.
If you do not get it, you must use a voice cancellation device.

Take Care of Health

Staying healthy is vital to pass the ASCP hematology exam action plan.
For this, you must

Take enough sleep
Drink plenty of water (a water bottle must be always present on your study table)
Exercise daily to remain mentally and physically fit (especially the exercise that boosts  your mental activities and speeds up the learning process)
All-time study can ruin your health, so you must take breaks during your study sessions.
Eat healthy food and avoid junk food.

Meet with Experts

To pass the ASCP BOC exam action plan, you must get help from the ASCP-certified experts.
You must contact them before creating the study plan so that you may know about effective and ineffective study techniques and before going for the exam so that you can understand the exam format and rules of the center clearly.
For this, you must join the “ASCP Certification Prep” Facebook group owned by the MLSIAcedemy.
Here, you can interact with the world’s ASCP-certified experts and current students of H/SH ASCP

Book the Exam at the Right Time

After booking the exam, you have a little time for ASCP hematology exam preparation.
So make sure to pass the ASCP hematology exam action plan, you must book the exam when you are 99% ready for it.
But, if you have applied for the exam and want to get your preparation done in a minimum amount of time, you must subscribe to the MLSIA ASCP hematology course that covers your entire exam content area in a minimum amount of time and offers you the best tips to pass the ASCP hematology exam action plan.

Last Week’s Action Plan

You must change your study plan last week of the exam and turn all the activities to practice your learning.
At this time, you must choose an entire-specific Q&A, mock exam, and CAT exam to review and practice your entire syllabus.

Exam Final Day Tips

Get proper sleep to prepare your mind and body for the exam day
Get up early in the morning and take a shower
Eat healthy food before going to the exam.
Avoid junk food, sedative medicine, or drinking alcohol

Exam Center Rules and Regulation

Make sure to arrive at the exam center before half an hr starts the exam because late candidates are not allowed to sit for the exam.

Be organized in the exam center and control your temper, disobedient candidates may be disqualified from the exam.

Any personal items (watch, calculator, mobile, etc.), you cannot take with you to the exam center.

Solve all the questions attentively and make sure to cover all the given time frames.


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FAQs for the How to Pass the ASCP Hematology Exam Action Plan

How can I pass the ASCP hematology exam action plan?

You can pass the ASCP hematology exam action plan, if you implement the best study tools and create an actionable study plan.

Which study tool should I use to practice my learning?

You should implement flashcards, mock exams, Q&A modules, Quiz modules, CAT exams, and practice exams.

Which academy offers you the best ASCP hematology course for H/SH ASCP exam preparation?

The offers you ultimate preparation package that are packed with splendid studying and practicing tools.

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