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ASCP Hematology Study Plan by MLSIAcademy

To handle all your study assignments of H ASCP technologist in hematology and SH ASCP specialist in hematology exams, and other commitments of life in manageable chunks, the ASCP hematology study plan is necessary to create.

With a study schedule, you will cover the entire exam content area step by step and maintain balance in your studies and job.

No doubt, you need effective study tools for better preparation, but implementation of these tools effectively is also important.

Getting the ASCP H/SH certification would be the dream of every hematologist due to its splendid benefits.

The following are the few advantages of getting the ASCP H/SH certification.

  • Get your work license as medical lab hematologist
  • Offer many career opportunities and better jobs with higher salaries
  • Professional development and continuing education programs
  • Social networking, where you will meet with the world’s best experts in your fields
  • Top seat among your peers and respectful environments
  • Opportunity to practice with the world’s best experts and physicians in the world’s best hospital, research center, and laboratory.

However, it is a fact that passing the ASCP H/SH exam is difficult compared to all those that you have done in your field.

You can pass the exam successfully if you implement the best study tools and create an actionable ASCP hematology study plan.

In this article, we will explain effective tips and strategies hopefully will help you create an effective ASCP hematology study plan for H/SH ASCP exam preparation.

Understanding the ASCP Hematology Exam

The ASCP Board of Certification chooses the different percentages of questions from each exam content area.

Both the H (ASCP) and SH (ASCP) exams are composed of 100 MCQs, which you have to cover in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Following are the exam content areas and question percentages:

  • Hematology Physiology: 10%-15%
  • Hematology Disease States: 20%-25%
  • Hematology Laboratory Testing:20%-25%
  • Hemostasis: 20%-25%
  • Laboratory Operations: 15%-20%

These exams are formulated by the CAT (computer adaptive testing): A computer that is packed with many questions and shows easy or difficult questions by detecting the answer to your previous questions.

You cannot skip any questions in the CAT system but replace the answer to any questions.

Getting Started with Your ASCP Hematology Study Plan

Before starting the study, you must create a study plan that describe all your study activities and strategies.

If you create a good study plan, you will achieve the following goals:

  • It breaks down your time and study load into an attainable chunk
  • If you stick with it until achieving your goal, you can plan ahead.
  • You will complete all your work on time making sure they are not rushed.

Following are a few tips to create an excellent ASCP hematology study plan:

Understand Your Time

The best tip to create an effective ASCP hematology study plan is to understand your time.

Understand which time is best suited for you: day or night.

Considering how long you can sit to study and what amount of time you should dedicate to each subject is also necessary.

Understand the Exam Content Area

To make your study plan successful, you must understand the exam content area.

Try to set your ASCP hematology study plan according to the exam content area outlines so that you may cover the entire syllabus one by one.

Meet with Experts

Before establishing a study plan, you must meet with ASCP-certified experts and try to know their study strategies and plans.

Because they have achieved certificates and know all effective and ineffective study tips, you will be able to create an awesome study plan by getting the advice of experts.

Essential Resources for ASCP Hematology Exam Preparation

You must use the best study tools and study strategies for ASCP hematology certification preparation.

Despite choosing all the study resources from different places, you must go for one platform that provides you all under one roof.

For this, you must depend on the MLSIA ASCP hematology review course, which is the ultimate solution for all your preparation requirements.

The following are all the resources that you get after subscribing to the MLSIA ASCP hematology course.

ASCP Hematology Video Lectures

The MLSIA ASCP hematology video lectures offer you the opportunity to cover the exam content area visually and auditorily.

The academy establishes an interactive environment where you can interact with professors and classmates.

It is a big opportunity for group study, where you can share your study tips and plans with others and also get their ideas.

ASCP Hematology Recording of Classes

Unknown happenings are part of life that you can experience at any time.

Therefore, you have to skip your routine life to compete with them.

To cover your loss of study, the academy records the lectures that you can watch when situations become normal.

You can get these recordings within 24 hours after the classes.

Study Guide for Hematology Exam Preparation

The MLSIAcademy is very proud of its hematology study guide because it is an all-in-one study option.

This guide is a mixture of many books that the ASCP BOC suggests for hematology exam preparation

Some prominent features of the MLSIA ASCP study guide;

  • Comprehensive: It covers A-Z exam content areas with all their outlines.
  • Conclusive: It removes fluff and describes the required content
  • All-in-one: Juice of many other study guides
  • Easily digestible; This study guide explains the content with visual illustrations, Q&A, simple words, and easy vocabulary.

ASCP Hematology QBanks

The academy not only offers its subscribers study products but also many practice tools.

The MLSIA QBanks offer the following tools:

  • Q&A
  • Quizzes
  • Flashcards
  • Practice Exam
  • Mock Exams
  • CAT (computer adaptive testing) exam

ASCP Hematology Q&A Module

The MLSIAcademy converts all exam content areas into Q&A that refreshes your knowledge and speeds up your learning process.

To know your knowledge gap and grip on the entire syllabus, you must utilize the Q&A modules.

ASCP Hematology Quiz Module

The MLSIA ASCP hematology quiz module is topic specific.

You can utilize them after completing each topic, chapter, even an entire syllabus.

ASCP Hematology Practice exam

If you implement the ASCP practice exam into your ASCP hematology study plan, you can cover the entire content accurately and concisely.

Practice exams help you determine where you need to put extra and least attention.

The MLSIA hematology practice exams are composed of 100 MCQs, which you can practice at any time and many times without any restrictions.

QBanks Mock Module for Hematology Preparation

Mock tests are the type of practice test that closely resembles the final exam.

The academy also presents the mock exam, which is composed of 100 multiple-choice questions that you have to cover in 180 minutes.

It is the best tool to review and practice the entire syllabus and also familiarize you with the exam environment and format.

CAT Exam

It is against the nature of MLSIA that it offers the minimum tool for preparation.

Therefore, from the beginning of the study to the end of the study, the academy stays with you.

What is CAT (Computer Adaptive Testing) and what can you face when you confront the CAT exam format, the academy offers you the opportunity to learn all by conducting the CAT-formulated exam.

Deep Dive into Hematology Topics

Before going for the exam, ensure to navigate the A-Z content.

Here are all the outlines from which you must get knowledge by fixing time for all in your ASCP hematology study plan:

ASCP Hematology Exam Content Area by MLSIAcademy

Hematology Physiology

  • Physiology (destruction, function, and production) of blood, bone marrow, and body fluids.

Hematology Disease States

  • Disease state-associated quantitative/qualitative abnormalities of erythrocytes, platelets, and leukocytes.

Hematology Laboratory Testing

  • Molecular/cytogenetic testing
  • Flow cytometry immunophenotyping
  • Indices
  • Cell counts
  • Hemolytic indicators
  • Morphology/differentials
  • Evaluation
  • Hemoglobin/hematocrit
  • Special strains


  • Hemostasis-affiliated disease state
  • Physiology (vascular system and pathways)
  • Lab determinations of hemostasis

Laboratory Operation

  • Instrumentation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Safety
  • Laboratory Mathematics
  • POCT (point-of-care testing)
  • Lab administration (only for SH ASCP)
  • Quality assessment

Study Strategies and Tips

For better preparation and to make your ASCP hematology study plan successful, you must apply the following tips and strategies:

Well-organized and Comfortable Study Space

The space where you sit for study must be well-organized and comfortable so that you can study with full attention.

Make sure to eradicate all distractions for focused study.

Arrange enough light, a voice cancellation device, and a comfortable chair.

Set Time for Group Study

Group study offers you an opportunity to get the ideas of other minds.

When you study in a group, you can handle things more accurately than when you study alone.

Your ASCP hematology study plan also has the time to go for group study, at least within 15 days.

Use the Best Study Resources

Your 99% preparation depends on your study resources; make sure to choose the perfect ones.

For this, you must get help from MLSIAcademy, which presents you with all the preparation tools possible.

Besides this, you will also get the best tips to cover the exam content area and pass the exam from here.

The academy also guarantees you to pass the ASCP H/SH exam on your first attempt.

Handling the Exam Anxiety and Stress

Many students lost their learning when they sit for the exam despite excellent preparation.

All these happen due to anxiety and stress.

To protect yourself from this situation, you must participate in practice exam.

Practice exams improve your time managements skill and make you confident to sit for the exam without any hesitation.

By participating in the practice exam, you will also be able to fix any problems that you may face in your final exam.

The MLSIAcademy offer you best practicing exam including the series of practice exam, mock exam (100 MCQ exam and timeframe to cover is 180), and CAT exam (100 MCQ exam and time duration is also 180 minutes).

It is a great facility that makes you master of the ASCP exam environment.

Final Review and Exam Day Preparation

You must shift your ASCP hematology study plan to review the content when you only have one week for the final exam.

Remove all the study tools from your plan and add the practice tools to review your entire exam content area.

At this point, the MLSIAcademy offers you opportunity to attend the mock and CAT exams, so you can practice your entire exam content area.

What should you do last day before starting the exam?

  • Take enough sleep to get relief from tiredness in your body and mind.
  • Avoid using any sedative medicine or sugary food that can slow down your mental activity.
  • Get up early and take showers to get rid of laziness.
  • Take a proper meal before going to the exam center
  • Make sure to reach the exam center at least half an hour before, because late candidates are not allowed to sit for the exam.
  • Keep your temper in control and abide by all the rules; disobedient candidates may be disqualified from the exam.
  • You cannot bring any personal items (watch, mobile, calculator) with you, it is against the rules of the ASCP exam center.
  • After starting the exam, only focus on your computer screen, read all the questions carefully, and choose the one best answer.
  • If you finish your exam before the deadline, make sure to review your questions again and again (you can replace the answer to any question)

FAQs for the ASCP Hematology Study Plan

What really matters while establishing an ASCP hematology study plan?

Before establishing the ASCP hematology study plan, you must consider the exam content area and your available time.

Why is creating an ASCP hematology study plan important?

It eliminates the burden of work and divides all hematology assignments into manageable chunks.

Resources: ASCP BOC.

Other ASCP Review Courses?