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Are you searching for an outbreaking tool to practice your learning about the ASCP H hematology technologist or ASCP SH hematology specialist exam content areas?

Trust the ASCP hematology quiz module of MLSIA QBank by to practice A-Z content.

Passing the ASCP H technologist in hematology and ASCP SH specialist in hematology exams are extremely difficult, but if you struggle in your preparation, you can ace this exam with ease.

The implementation of the right tools at the right time is a tremendous strategy to navigate the ASCP hematology exam content area

For better preparation, you must subscribe to the online ASCP hematology course to get all under one roof.

To subscribe to the online preparation tool, you must go for the MLSIA ASCP hematology course by

The following are the services of the MLSIA ASCP hematology course

  • ASCP Hematology Video Lectures
  • Recordings of Classes
  • ASCH Hematology Study Guide
  • ASCP Hematology QBanks

In this article, we will expose the features of the MLSIA ASCP hematology quiz module by and also tell you the best ways to get dual parks from it.

Features of MLSIAASCP Hematology Quiz Module

  • Covers the Entire Content Area
  • can be Practiced at any Time
  • Offers Hundreds of Questions
  • Can be Used Many Times as you want

ASCP Hematology Quiz Module Covers the Entire Content Area

Are you worried about the wide syllabus of the ASCP H/SH exam and have little time to cover it?

Do not worry, the MLSIA ASCP hematology quiz module encompasses the entire content area that you can cover in a minimum amount of time.

Following are all the content areas of the hematology exam that you will cover in the MLSIA quiz module:

Hematology Physiology

  • Physiology (destruction, function, & production) of blood, body fluids, and bone marrow.

Hematology Disease States

  • Disease state-associated quantitative/qualitative abnormalities of erythrocytes, leukocytes, & platelets.

Hematology Laboratory Testing

  • Molecular/cytogenetic testing
  • Cell counts
  • Flow cytometry immunophenotyping
  • Indices
  • Evaluation
  • Hemolytic indicators
  • Special strains
  • Morphology/differentials
  • Hemoglobin/hematocrit


  • Hemostasis-affiliated disease state
  • Physiology (vascular system & pathways)
  • Hemostasis lab determinations

Laboratory Operation

  • Instrumentation
  • Regulations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Laboratory Mathematics
  • POCT (point-of-care testing)
  • Safety
  • Quality assessment
  • Lab administration (only for SH ASCP)

ASCP Hematology Quiz Module can be Practiced at any Time

No matter, whether you prefer to study late at night or early in the morning, the ASCP hematology quiz module offered by the MLSIA QBank is always available for you.

Once you access them, you can use them at any time because these modules are available 24/7

ASCP Hematology Quiz Module Offers Hundreds of Questions

The MLSIA ASCP hematology quiz module covers each content area and all their topics with quizzes.

You will get topic-specific quizzes and chapter-specific quizzes.

Because it summarizes the entire syllabus with quizzes, so this module comprises hundreds of questions.

ASCP Hematology Quiz Module Can be Used Many Times as You Want

What is your level of intelligence; The MLSIAcademy does not consider it.

Because it offers actionable ASCP hematology quiz modules that are enough to make students master of the hematology exam content area.

The academy permits its students to practice their learning as many times as they want.

There is no limitation from the academy to use the quiz modules when and how many, you are free to use.

Until you are satisfied with your preparation, you can practice your learning.

How to Use the ASCP Hematology Quiz Modules Effectively

To take full advantage of the ASCP hematology quiz module, you must learn how to utilize it effectively.
For this, the following tips are effective.

Total Time: 1 minute

Subscribe to the ASCP Hematology Course

All the tools that you want to use for studying can be purchased separately.
But if you subscribe to the ASCP hematology preparation course, like the MLSIA ASCP hematology course, you will get all under one roof at a low price.

Attend the Live Classes

To clear up your blurred concepts, you must attend the live classes.
The MLSIA ASCP hematology live classes are delivered by the ASCP certified experts.
You can ask questions regarding your confusion and find the best answers from the professors.
You will also get recordings on your demands within 24 hours after the classes if you miss your lectures due to unknown happenings.

Get Knowledge from the Study Guide

The MLSIA ASCP study guide is a mixture of many other books that can be used for ASCP hematology exam preparation.
Getting knowledge from many books is not a good strategy; to keep everything under control, you must utilize the all-in-one study book.
The MLSIA study guide is an all-in-one, comprehensive, easy-to-understand, conclusive, and to-the-point study option.
 Despite using many books, you must use one unified study material.

Utilize the MLSIA ASCP Hematology QBanks Services

After getting knowledge from the study guide and attending classes, it is time to practice your learning.
To practice, you must implement the services of MLSIA QBanks effectively

Practice Using the ASCP Q&A Module

The MLSIA ASCP Q&A modules are topic-specific.
If you want to improve your preparation percentage overall, you must make sure to use it after finishing each topic and chapter.
By using them regularly, you will get commands on the entire exam content area easily.

ASCP Hematology Quiz Module

The ASCP hematology quiz module is an effective tool to review and practice the content quickly.
It is enough to train you about the entire syllabus.
From the MLSIA QBanks, you will get
Topic-specific quizzes
Chapter-specific quizzes
Subject-specific quizzes
Entire syllabus-specific quizzes

Implement the Practice Exam

By utilizing the classes, study guide, quiz module, and Q&A modules, you have covered your syllabus.
Now it is time to know your knowledge (weak and strong points).
When it comes to knowing your preparation percentage, the MLSIA ASCP hematology practice exam is for you.
You can hold on to all exam content areas by using these practice exams again and again.

Mock Exam

After knowing your knowledge gap and covering your weaknesses, you must consider the format and environment of the exam.
To introduce you to the real exam format, the MLSIAcademy conducts the mock exam for its students.

CAT (Computer Adaptive Testing) Exam

To protect its students from making any mess in the ASCP H/SH exam, the academy also held the CAT exam.
This CAT (computer adaptive testing) exam resembles the ASCP final CAT in all aspects, including the number of questions, duration, environment, etc.


  • ASCP Hematology Course


  • ASCP Hematology Live Classes
  • ASCP Hematology Recordings
  • ASCP Hematology Study Guide
  • ASCP Hematology Practice Q&A

Materials: ASCP Hematology PDF ASCP Hematology Video Lectures

Example of MLSIA ASCP Hematology Quiz Module

The following are the few questions that are extracted from the MLSIA ASCP hematology quiz module:

What is the name of the antibody class that is produced against the ABO blood group?

  1. Immunoglobulin M
  2. Immunoglobulin G
  3. Immunoglobulin C
  4. Immunoglobulin S

What is the function of the hematocrit test?

  1. Measure the ratio of white blood cells in the total volume of blood
  2. Measure the ratio of platelets in the total volume of blood
  3. Measure the ratio of red blood cells in the total volume of blood
  4. None of them

An immunological test which is called the agglutination test can be used for

  1. Detection of antigen/antibody in the body fluids
  2. Determines the red blood cells in the blood
  3. Determines the white blood cells in the blood volume
  4. All are incorrect

Which formula is to be used to determine the immunoglobin concentration?

  1. MCHC=Hb/Hct
  2. MCH=Hb/RBC
  3. MCHC=Hct/Hb
  4. MCH=RBC/Hb

What is the range of red blood cells (RBC) per uL?

  1. 4.5-5 million
  2. 3-3.5 million
  3. 5-5.55 million
  4. 2-2.5 million

What is the range of white blood cells per uL in CBC (Complete Blood Count)

  1. 3,000-4,000
  2. 5,000-6,000
  3. 3,000-5,000
  4. 4,000-10,000

Which units are used to measure the standard solution?

  1. mg/mL
  2. mL/mg
  3. IU/mL
  4. mcg/dL

Which conventional units (reference range) are correct for Hgb A2

  1. 0 – 2.0%
  2. 0 – 3.5%
  3. 0 – 0.2 X 103/μL
  4. > 95.0%

FAQs for the ASCP Hematology Quiz

Which study tool is best to practice the ASCP hematology exam content area?

You must use the ASCP hematology quiz module, Q&A module, practice exam, CAT exam, and mock exam.

Which academy is best to get all the preparation tools for the ASCP H/SH exam?

You must subscribe to the MLSIA ASCP hematology course by to get all under one roof.

List of ASCP Prep Courses?

Resources: ASCP BOC.