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ASCP Cytogenetic Review Course Program

The ASCP Cytogenetics Course program by is Your All in One Preparation Program To Pass ASCP Cytogenetics Exam. The Course Syllabus includes Specimen Preparation, Culture, and Harvest, Molecular Cytogenetics Testing, Chromosome Analysis and Imaging And Laboratory Operations. Course Program includes Cytogenetics Live Online Classes, Video Recording Of Classes, MLSIA ASCP Cytogenetics Study Guide, Study Plan and How To Pass CG Exam Action Plan and MLSIA Cytogenetics QBanks.

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Course Mode: Online

Course Workload: PT40H

Duration: PT40H

Repeat Count: 8

Repeat Frequency: Weekly

Course Type: Paid

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– Weekly for up to ≃ 8 weeks

– Every Sunday

– Classes start At 10:00 AM Eastern time, USA

– Lasts for up to ≃ 3 hours

– ASCP certified

– Passed ASCP exam(s)

– Holding MSc degree

– PhD degree

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Course Syllabus: What You Will Learn To Pass ASCP Cytogenetics Exam?

  • Sample collection & transport
  • Selection of appropriate cultural systems
  • Verify test requests and specimen
  • Aseptic culture techniques
  • Selection of harvest techniques
  • Monitor & document cell growth
  • Slide preparation
  • Chromosome banding techniques
  • Chromosome staining techniques
  • FISH (fluorescent in situ hybridization) slide preparation
  • FISH Quality control
  • Analysis of FISH slides
  • Limitations
  • Microarray theory
  • Confirmation and results evaluation
  • Microscopic & imaging instruments/equipment
  • Chromosome documentation, analysis, and selection
  • Identification of chromosome and karyogram review
  • Laboratory Practice
  • Laboratory safety
  • Label specimen
  • Maintain and operate lab equipment
  • Patient confidentiality
  • Professional standards and ethics
  • Continue quality improvement
  • Quality management
  • Reagents

Why MLSIA ASCP Cytogenetics Course Program?

Are you interested in earning an ASCP CG technologist in cytogenetics certificate and looking for the best online preparation course?

Trust the MLSIA ASCP cytogenetics course review program by blindly.

All the preparation tools that you consider utilizing to improve your learning are available there.

After subscribing to the MLSIA ASCP cytogenetics course, you will get:

  • ASCP cytogenetics classes
  • recordings of classes,
  • ASCP cytogenetics study guide,
  • ASCP cytogenetics QBanks,
  • A study plan,
  • How to pass the ASCP cytogenetics action plan.

The MLSIA QBanks offer you flashcards, mock exams, practice exams, ASCP cytogenetics Q&A modules, and ASCP cytogenetics quiz modules.

Along with all these services, the also offers you a one-sitting success guarantee with great scores (more than 400).

Besides this, you will also get expert support that will stay with you till your exam’s final day.

In this article, we will explain the services of the ASCP cytogenetics course by MLSIA and also tell you why you should trust this academy.

Understanding the ASCP Cytogenetics Certification

Although the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) awards its many certificates to lab technologists and specialists, the ASCP cytogenetics certificate is only for technologists.

But it goes for U.S. candidates as CG (ASCP) and international candidates as CG (ASCPi).

The eligibility requirement and application fee are different for both U.S. and foreign applicants, but the exam content area, application process, and exam format are the same.

Benefits of ASCP Cytogenetics Certification

The benefits of ASCP cytogenetics certification are almost impossible to note.

But here are some prominent benefits enough to brighten up your career and life:

  • A work license that offers you the confidence to perform a job or apply for the best job in the world’s best research center, lab, and hospital without any hesitation.
  • Increase your value and offer you many job opportunities
  • With its magical power, you can easily occupy the top seat among your peers.
  • Higher salary: according to, the average salary of an ASCP cytogenetics technologist is $51,000.
  • The ASCP launches many programs, like ASCP annual meetings, professional meetings, roundtables, seminars, etc., all improve your skills.
  • Continuing education and CMP programs add advancement to your experience and update your skills.
  • Through many scholarship and awards programs, the ASCP meets your higher education expenses.

Preparing for the ASCP Cytogenetics Exam

The ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) determines the huge and complicated syllabus for all its certifications, including the ASCP cytogenetics exam.

To cover all recommended content areas and their outlines is essential to pass the ASCP with appreciated scores.

Below are some tips that will help you a lot to cover the exam content area and make your success sure:

Understand the ASCP Cytogenetics Exam Content Area

Understanding the ASCP cytogenetics exam content area is essential to performing well in your overall preparation journey.

Because, when you are familiar with all the exam content areas, you can easily handle them by applying strategies.

For ASCP CG; the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) determines the four exam content areas:

  • Specimen Preparation, Culture, and Harvest
  • Molecular Cytogenetics Testing
  • Chromosome Analysis and Imaging
  • Laboratory Operation

You must cover all the content areas with their outlines so that you may cover the entire syllabus.

Know the Format of the ASCP Cytogenetics Exam

Both exams of cytogenetics (CG ASCP and CG ASCPi) are composed of 100 multiple-choice questions.

The given time to overcome this 1oo MCQ exam is 2 hrs and 30 minutes.

The ASCP/ASCPi CG are computer-based exams that are administered by the CAT (computer adaptive testing).

This computer is packed with a series of easy and difficult questions that it shows after examining the answer to your previous question.

The correct answer will trigger the tough question and the incorrect answer will trigger the easy question.

Your test-solving skills directly depend on your exam results.

If you answer a lot of questions correctly, it means you solved tough questions, which increases your scores, but if you answer a lot of questions incorrectly, it means you have solved many easy questions that can minimize your score.

Subscribe to the Online ASCP Cytogenetics Course

For 100% preparation, you must choose an ultimate ASCP cytogenetics course that meets all your expectations regarding exam preparation.

The one best course that comes with a 100% success guarantee is the MLSIA ASCP cytogenetics course by

This course offers you a handy solution under one roof.

The following are all the services that you will get after subscription:

  • ASCP cytogenetics classes and their recordings
  • ASCP cytogenetics study guide
  • ASCP cytogenetics QBanks (flashcards, mock exams, CAT exams, practice exams, Q&A modules, and quiz modules)

Arrange the Best Study Environment

The study place where you sit for preparation must be well organized.

You must keep all the study materials that you need for study on your table.

Make sure to choose a noise-free place but if it is not possible you must use voice cancellation devices.

You should fix your study plan on the top of the table so that you can easily see your next step after finishing the previous one.

Practices on Your Learning

Always focus on transferring your knowledge from short-form memory to long-form memory by practicing.

The MLSIA ASCP Cytogenetics QBanks offer you a complete practicing tool package that eliminates your need to choose another one.

You can only access these tools by subscribing to the MLSIA ASCP cytogenetics course.

By MLSIA QBanks, you will get

  • ASCP cytogenetics Q&A modules (bundle of hundreds of questions)
  • ASCP cytogenetics quiz modules (topic-specific quizzes)
  • Flashcards
  • Practice Exam (series of practice exams without time limits)
  • Mock Exam (100 MCQs exam and time to solve is 180 minutes)
  • CAT Exam (CAT-formulated exam that is also composed of 100 multiple-choice questions)

How to Choose the Best ASCP Cytogenetics Course?

Check the Work Experience of the Academy

To choose one from many, you should consider checking its work history.
The MLSIAcademy has many years of experience to offer the best ASCP cytogenetics course.

Students’s Testimonials

You should read the testimonials of students so that you can know the academy’s previous experience with students.
When it comes to getting satisfaction from reading students’ testimonials, there is no other academy that can win the MLSIA ASCP cytogenetics course.

Keep First Tutors Qualifications

Always prefer to get knowledge from highly qualified experts and they also must be ASCP-certified.
The professor’s qualification is a critical aspect of any ASCP cytogenetics course and directly impacts your qualification.
The MLSIA is a team of experts; all the resources that you will get from this academy are designed by ASCP-certified professors.

They also have MSc and Ph.D. degrees in the cytogenetics field.

Check What the ASCP Cytogenetics Course Offerings

You should always invest your money in academy courses that present you with valuable study tools.
Never subscribe to the course without knowing about its services.
At you will receive all the essential tools that meet your preparation requirements.
Whether you are going to study or practice your learning, the MLSIA ASCP cytogenetics course is the ultimate solution for you.

Always Concentrate on Budget-Friendly Course

It is also important to check the course cost and its installments before subscribing to any specific course.
The MLSIA ASCP cytogenetics course comes with a very low budget than its competitors.
Besides, it also allows the students to pay in two installments.

Final Thoughts for ASCP Cytogenetics Course by

If you have applied for the ASCP cytogenetics certification exam, do not waste your precious time in thinking about whether you should subscribe to the online course or not.

Subscribing to the online course is your need because you cannot overcome the ASCP CG exam content area without any authorized support.

The important thing about which you should show concern is the ASCP CG preparation package.

For this, MLSIA is a dominant academy that has occupied the top seat for many years as the best ASCP certification preparation course provider.

With many years of experience, the best services, and high recognition, there is no one that beats the MLSIAacademy.

Subscribe to it today and start your ASCP CG certification preparation journey with MLSIA.

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