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How to Pass the ASCP Chemistry Exam by MLSIAcademy

How to pass the ASCP chemistry exam is a common question among all the C ASCP chemistry technologists and SC ASCP chemistry specialist exam candidates.

No doubt, passing the C/SC ASCP exam is a difficult task but its challenges are nothing when you go through its benefits.

Many chemists put in all-out efforts to achieve this life-changing certificate.

Some prominent advantages of ASCP chemistry credentials

  • Work license that allows you to do a job at any hospital worldwide
  • Top seat among peers and respectful environment
  • Higher salaries
  • Career development programs that help you stay updated
  • Continuing educations
  • Many live events that not only enhance your social circle but also your work experience.
  • Opportunity to meet with the world’s best medical lab professionals.

But how is it possible to pass the ASCP chemistry exam successfully to get all these benefits?

You must work with the best action plan to ensure your success in your C/SC ASCP exam.

The following are the best study strategies that will help you a lot to get your ASCP chemistry certificate if you incorporate them accurately into your study plan.

Understand the Categories of Your Certificate
ASCP Chemistry Exam Syllabus
ASCP BOC Exam Format for Chemistry
Choose the Perfect Study Guide
Create the Best Study Plan
Subscribe to the Best Prep Course
Practice on Old Exam Questions
Organized Comfortable Study Space
Meet with ASCP-Certified Experts
Nothing is Better Than Staying Healthy
Booking the ASCP Chemistry Exam
ASCP Chemistry Final Day Tips

Total Time: 2 minutes

Understand the Categories of Your ASCP Chemistry Certificate

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) presents two certificates for the chemistry field: C ASCP chemistry technologist and SC ASCP chemistry specialist.
Both certificates go to the U.S. candidates.
The ASCP BOC determines these certificates for international chemistry professionals: C ASCPi international chemistry technologists and SC ASCPi international chemistry specialists.
Therefore, first of all, you should understand the category of your certificate.

ASCP Chemistry Exam Syllabus

ASCP chemistry exam content area by MLSIAcademy

To pass the ASCP chemistry exam, you must understand the content area.
The ASCP BOC determines the same exam syllabus for chemistry technologists (C ASCP/ASCPi) and chemistry specialists (SC ASCP/ASCPi).
Following is the ASCP chemistry syllabus:
General Chemistry
Biochemical physiology and theory
Disease state correlation for carbohydrates, lipids, and heme derivatives.
Test result interpretation
Test procedures
Proteins and Enzymes
Interpretation of test result
Disease state correlation for proteins, enzymes, and other nitrogen-containing compounds.
Biochemical theory
Biochemical physiology
Blood Gases, Acid-Base, & Electrolyte
Disease state correlation for determinations of acid-base, blood gases, and, electrolytes.
Biochemical theory
Biochemical physiology
Test consequence interpretation
Special Chemistry
Biochemical theory & physiology
Disease state correlation for toxicology, therapeutic drug monitoring, endocrinology, and vitamins.
Test methods
Test outcome interpretation
Laboratory Operation
Lab Mathematics
Quality assessment/troubleshooting

BOC Exam Format for ASCP Chemistry

To pass the ASCP chemistry exam, it is very important to understand its format.
The ASCP C/SC exams are composed of 100 MCQs and the given time frame to cover them is 2 hours and 30 minutes.
These are formulated by the CAT (computer adaptive testing), which is a computer-based exam.
This computer examines your knowledge in your relevant field by displaying a series of easy or difficult questions.
Your chance to pass the ASCP chemistry exam depends on your test-solving skills.
If you answer enough difficult questions, you can qualify for the license, but if you cover the easy questions, you may not get this certificate.

Choose the Perfect ASCP Chemistry Study Guide

If you choose the best study guide to get the preparation done, you can pass the ASCP chemistry exam in one sitting.
Are you considering which study guide will be an excellent solution to cover the C/SC ASCP exam content area?
You must concentrate on the MLSIA ASCP chemistry study guide, which is an all-in-one study solution.
This study guide is a mixture of the following books that are recommended by the ASPC Board of Certification.
Contemporary Practice in Clinical Chemistry (4th ed.)
Clinical Chemistry: Principles, Techniques, and Correlations (9th ed.).
Tietz Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics (9th ed.)
Tietz Textbook of Laboratory Medicine (7th ed.).
Laboratory Safety: A Self-Assessment Workbook (2nd ed.)
Complete Guide to Laboratory Safety (5th ed.).
Clinical Laboratory Management (3rd ed.).
Laboratory Management, Principles and Processes (4th ed.)
Henry’s Clinical Diagnosis and Management by Laboratory Methods (24th ed.)
Following are the features of the MLSIA ASCP Chemistry Study Guide by

It is a conclusive book that only works on essentials and removes all unwanted content.
Summarize the content with visual illustrations, Q&A, simple worlds, and definitions of difficult vocabularies to make it easier for all intelligence level
Updated contents
Compiled by the ASCP-certified certification professors 
Fall in affordable price

Create the Best Study Plan

To pass the ASCP chemistry exam, you must establish an action study plan.
Your ASCP study plan must describe all the routines for your study and other life activities.
To study better and pass the ASCP chemistry exam, you must dedicate 5-6 hours per day.
Allocate this time among all the subjects according to their difficulty level, exam syllabus, and question percentages.

Subscribe to the Best Prep ASCP Chemistry Course

To pass the ASCP chemistry exam, you must subscribe to the ultimate preparation package that meets all your requirements under one roof.
When it comes to getting the best study tools, there is no alternative to the MLSIA ASCP Chemistry Course by
This course is packed with
ASCP Chemistry Live Classes
ASCP Chemistry Video Recordings
ASCP Chemistry Study Guide
ASCP Chemistry QBank offer topic related Q&A, practice tests, mock tests, and CAT exam test to train its students for the final exam.

Practice on Old Exam Questions

To know the format of exam questions, you must practice the old exam questions.
For this, you must attend mock versions that are closely related to the real exam.
The MLISA QBanks also establishes mock tests for its students.
The MLSIAcademy mock exam are composed of 100 MCQs that are get from each subject area according to their recommended percentages.
General Chemistry: 15%–25%
Special Chemistry: 15%–20%
Lab Operation: C: 15% – 20%, SC: 20%–25%
Protein and Enzyme: 15%–25%
Acid-base, Blood gases and Electrolytes: 15%–25%
The given time to ace the MLSIA ASCP mock test is 180 minutes.

Organized Comfortable Study Space

Your study environment must be well organized and offer calm to your brain so you can study with focus.
You must use a comfortable chair and table for study and arrange enough light that does not disturb your eyesight.
Choose the place where you may face the least or no destruction.
Getting a completely noise-free environment is impossible so make sure to use the voice cancellation tools.

Meet with ASCP-Certified Experts

Advice from ASCP-certified experts can encourage you to pass the ASCP chemistry exam confidently.
Make sure to consult with ASCP experts and try to learn their secrets to pass the ASCP chemistry exam successfully.
To interact with ASCP-certified experts, you must join the “ASCP Certification Prep” Facebook group owned by
Here, you will meet with ASCP-certified experts and current students.

Nothing is Better Than Staying Healthy

To pass the ASCP chemistry exam, the thing that really helps you to achieve the certificate successfully is your healthy mind and body.
Hence, you must be mentally and physically fit to cover the ASCP chemistry exam content area.
For staying healthy
Drink plenty of water and eat healthy food
Remove sugary foods, especially white sugar, from your diets.
Avoid junk food and alcohol.
Exercise daily and maintain a proper diet plan
All-time study is not good; it can push you towards illness, so only fix some hours for studying and spend rest time on other life activities.

Booking the ASCP Chemistry Exam

You must book your ASCP exam when you are 99% ready for it.
Once you book it, you have only three months to schedule and participate in it.
So give you enough time to cover the wide syllabus of the ASCP chemistry course.

ASCP Chemistry Final Day Tips

Get enough sleep to stay active on the exam day
Get up early in the morning and take a shower
Eat a healthy breakfast or eat healthy food before going for the exam
Make sure to arrive at the exam center at least half an hour before starting the exam.
You cannot take anything (calculator, watch, phone, etc.) from outside in the exam center
After starting the exam, focus on your computer screen to complete your exam on time and accurately.
Read the questions carefully to choose the best answer.
Review your exam questions before clicking the done button.


  • ASCP Chemistry Course


  • ASCP Chemistry Live Classes
  • ASCP Chemistry Recordings
  • ASCP Chemistry Study Guide
  • ASCP Chemistry Practice Q&A

Materials: ASCP Chemistry PDF ASCP Chemistry Video Classes

FAQs for How to Pass the ASCP Chemistry Exam

How can I pass the ASCP chemistry exam?

To pass the ASCP chemistry exam, you must establish an effective study schedule and implement the best tools into your study plan.

When is the right time to book the ASCP C/SC exam?

For 100% success, you must book the C/SC ASCP/ASCPi exam when you have covered more than 90% of the exam syllabus.

What is the exam content area for the ASCP chemistry exam?

You have to cover five exam content areas to ace the ASCP chemistry exam: general chemistry, special chemistry, lab operations, acid-base blood gases and electrolytes, and enzymes and proteins.

What is the difference between the C ASCP/ASCPi and SC ASCP/ASCPi certificates?

C ASCP is the certificate for the U.S. chemistry technologist, C ASCPi is for the international chemistry technologist; SC ASCP is for the U.S. chemistry specialist; and SC ASCPi is for international chemistry specialist.

Resources: ASCP BOC.

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