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ASCP Chemistry Video Lectures Of MLSIA Chemistry Course Program by MLSIAcademy

MLSIA ASCP Chemistry Video Lectures

For your ASCP chemistry technologist (C ASCP) or ASCP chemistry specialist (SC ASCP) exam preparation, the most valuable tool that offers you notable progress is the ASCP chemistry video lectures.

Are you considering where you should get the ASCP chemistry video lectures:

The MLSIA ASCP chemistry video lecture by MLSIAcademy should be your final destination due to its dominant position in the market.

You must approach for your C ASCP or SC ASCP certification examination preparation.

The ASCP Board of Certification conducts a very challenging exam to find qualified and well-experienced chemistry technologists or specialists.

These certificates come with amazing benefits that brighten up your career and improve your financial condition.

With the ASCP Certification

  • You will receive a work license that permits you to do a job confidently at any hospital, research center, or lab.
  • It makes you stand out from the crowd and offers a top seat among your peers.
  • You will receive a higher salary, enough to live a luxurious life.
  • You will get recognition by participating in the ASCL live event
  • Career development programs help you stay updated in the field.
  • Continuing education programs that boost your skill, increase your improvements, and meet the ASCP renewal certification requirements.
  • Opportunity to meet with the world’s best experts

So how you may get this life-changing certificate with ease.

The ASCP exam is challenging, and you have to choose powerful weapons like ASCP chemistry video lectures to combat it.

In this article, we will explain the benefits of using the ASCP chemistry video lectures and illustrate why you should only trust the MLSIAcademy as your online chemistry course.

Benefits of ASCP Chemistry Video Lectures for Preparation

The ASCP chemistry video lectures are a tool that summarizes the content in auditory and visual.

It is proven by experiments that when you watch and hear the content at the same time, it penetrates into your long-form memory quickly.

Following are the benefits that you will get from attending the ASCP chemistry video lectures:

Convenience Source:

Online ASCP chemistry courses like offer you online class facilities, that you can watch from your room couch.

During live sessions, you can interact with professors and other classmates and ask questions related to your confusion, if you have any.

Visual & Auditory

Visual lectures are a combination of auditory and visual elements: making the content easy for learners.

It increases the learners’ understanding and retention process many times more than reading text alone.

Flexibility offers you recordings of lectures that you can watch during your flexible hours for deep understanding.

The academy allows its students to tailor their learning schedule by offering the lectures’ recordings: best fit with every student’s time plan.


The ASCP chemistry video lectures are more engaging than all other study tools or traditional text-based learning materials.

Because, they explain the content with graphs, animations, and demonstrations.

Encouraging Self Study

The MLSIA ASCP chemistry video recording supplementary lectures that complement all the class activities is the best way to self-study.

You can utilize them in your study schedule independently.

Key Topics Covered in MLSIA ASCP Chemistry Lectures

The ASCP (American Society for Clinical Pathology) BOC (Board of Certification) determines the huge syllabus for the C/SC ASCP exam.

The MLSIA ASCP chemistry lectures cover the entire syllabus with clear explanations.

Following are all the outlines of ASCP C/SC exam content areas that are encompassed in the MLISA ASCP chemistry lectures:

General Chemistry

  • Disease state correlation for carbohydrates, lipids, and heme derivatives
  • Test result
  • Biochemical theory & physiology
  • Test procedures

Proteins and Enzymes

  • All nitrogen-containing compounds, including protein
  • Test result interpretation
  • Disease state correlation for enzymes
  • Biochemical theory & physiology

Blood Gases, Acid-Base & Electrolyte

  • Disease state correlation for blood gases, electrolytes, and acid-base determinations.
  • Interpretation for test result
  • Biochemical theory & physiology

Special Chemistry

  • Disease states correlations for, vitamins, endocrinology, therapeutic drug monitoring, and toxicology.
  • Test result interpretation
  • Test methodology
  • Biochemical theory and physiology

Laboratory Operation

  • Regulations
  • Safety
  • Troubleshootinofquality assessment
  • Instrumentation
  • Lab mathematics
  • Compliance

Features of MLSIA ASCP Chemistry Video Lectures

  • Recording of the Classes available 24 hrs. after the class
  • Up to 3 hrs. of video recording for each class
  • Accessible by Windows, Mac, Android, IOS
  • Comprehensive coverage of the MLS ASCP syllabus
  • Interactive and case study-based learning
  • Access to experienced instructors and ASCP-certified professionals

Best Practices for Utilizing the ASCP Chemistry Video Lectures in Your Study Routine

The ASCP chemistry video lectures are a very effective tool that must be part of your study plan.

You must implement the video lectures into your study schedule so that you can get all the advantages of them.

Create a Structured Plan

Creating a plan for all the work, especially study for ASCP chemistry technologist and ASCP chemistry specialist exam preparation.

Your study plan must be well-organized and demonstrate your entire content area.

You should devote 5-6 hours per day to your ASCP chemistry exam preparation and make sure to arrange this time in all the exam content areas according to their difficulty level and syllabus.

Highlight Key Points

You must set your study schedule according to the exam content area.

You should check the entire exam syllabus first, then fit it into your study schedule with its key points.

Make sure to highlight each subject and topic with its name so all things remain clear in front of you.

Supplementing Lectures with Reading Materials

The right way to get the advantages of ASCP chemistry video lectures is you attend the lectures first of all before utilizing any study materials.

After getting knowledge from the lectures, you should read it from the ASCP chemistry study guide that you can also get from the MLSIAcademy.

Practice it with pen and paper to know what content you really get.

After this, you must review your content by using the MLSIA ASCP chemistry practice question and answers.

Active Recall and Self-Assessment Technique

Active recall is a study technique that helps stimulate your memory and make it able to retrieve information when you want.

You must use some self-study and active recall techniques to boost the learning that you have gained by attending the video lectures.

In this way, you can increase the percentage of your exam preparedness.

  • Use Flashcards: The MLSIA ASCP chemistry course also presents flashcards that you can use at any time, anywhere for your continuing learning.
  • Study Group: You must share your confusion with other students about the syllabus, study plan, and study tips to avoid procrastination. You should establish the Q&A session with friends.
  • Practice, Mock, and CAT test: For focused retention, you must take part in the practice, mock,  and CAT tests (MLSIAcademy design for its students).
  • Use Q&A: You should use the end-of-chapter questions in the study guide, watch and listen to the lecture carefully, and look for questions.

Conclusion for MLSIA ASCP Chemistry Video Lectures

If you implement the MLSIA ASCP chemistry video lectures into your study toolkit, you will get the myrid benefits of it.

It speeds up your learning process because you can cover the content visually and auditorily.

Besides this,  it is a big opportunity to share your confusion with others and get the best solutions.

The MLSIA ASCP chemistry course is the ultimate solution that presents all the necessary tools that you need, so you should subscribe to it.

Here is what you get from after subscribing:

  • A Zoom link to access the ASCP chemistry video lectures.
  • Recordings of lectures that are available 24 hours after lectures
  • One unified study material that covers the entire exam content area with easy explanation
  • Practice questions and answers

Subscribe to it today and be ready to wear the cap of ASCP on your first attempt.

Also check MLSIA ASCP Study guide for chemistry.

FAQs for the ASCP Chemistry Video Lectures

Which study tool is more valuable for ASCP C/SC exam preparation?

Which studThe ASCP chemistry video lectures are a very effective tool for C/SC exam preparation because here you will get the content both visually and auditory.y tool is more valuable for ASCP C/SC exam preparation?

Which academy is best to get the ASCP chemistry video lectures?

You must rely on MLSIA ASCP chemistry video lectures by that offer lectures for each topic.

How can I access the MLSIAcademy ASCP chemistry video lectures?

To access the MLSIA video lectures for chemistry exam preparation, you have to subscribe to the MLSIA ASCP chemistry course. After subscribing, you will get a Zoom link to access.

Does offer recordings of video lectures?

Yes, of course, you will get the recordings of lectures within 24 hours after live classes.

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