ASCP Chemistry Study Plan

ASCP Chemistry Study Plan: Uplift your Preparation Journey

ASCP Chemistry Study Plan by MLSIAcademy

How can you establish an actionable ASCP chemistry study plan to enhance your preparation for the C ASCP chemistry technologist or SC ASCP chemistry specialist exams?

You must organize your study plan with relevant, measurable, specific, and time-bound goals to move ahead toward completion.

Be smart in all your work and make sure to outline all the tips, tools, and strategies that you are implementing into your study.

The challenges of the ASCP exam can only be tackled when you are fully prepared for them.

For 100% preparation, you should establish a plan that helps you lead extracurricular activities, social engagement, and practices with study.

Developing a plan for study tells you which time you should spend in study, when you need to review and practice your learning, and when you should attend classes, etc.

But how can you create an effective plan that encourages you to achieve your learning goal with social commitment?

Here is a brief of ASCP Chemistry Study Plan for C ASCP and SC ASCP

  • Understanding the ASCP Chemistry Exam
  • Setting up your Study Plan
  • Analyze your Current Study Style and Study Routine
  • Evaluate your Time
  • Divide Your Time
  • Essential Topics to Cover

Understanding the ASCP Chemistry Exam

Whether you are going to sit for the C ASCP chemistry technologists or SC ASCP chemistry specialist’s exam: both have the same exam format.

For both exam preparations, you have to get knowledge from five exam content areas, because the ASCP BOC chooses a different percentage of questions from each.

Here are the names of exam content areas and question percentages:

  • General Chemistry: 15%–25%
  • Special Chemistry: 15%–20%
  • Protein and Enzymes: 15%–25%
  • Acid-base, blood gases, and electrolytes:  15%–25%
  • Lab operation: 15% – 20% for C ASCP and 20% – 25% for SC ASCP

Both exams are composed of 100 MCQs each with one correct answer.

The given time to complete this 100 MCQ exam is 2 hours and 3o minutes.

These exams are administered with CAT: A computer that is packed with a bundle of questions with different difficulty levels.

Your upcoming answer will be easy or tough; it depends on the answer to your previous questions.

0-999 is the score range for your C/SC ASCP exam, getting 400 out of 999 is vital to achieving the license.

Setting up your Study Plan

Special note: There is no specific way to create an effective plan because each student has his/her own study routine and IQ levels.

But if you understand some facts about yourself, you can establish a productive study plan.

Analyze your Current Study Style and Study Routine

Make sure to know which strategies are working for you and which are not.

Which time is best suited to you—night or day? Do you retain your learning promptly after leaving the study material or do you need time to rest first?

Evaluate your Time

You must consider the time what you have for preparation for the exam to create a manageable ASCP chemistry study plan.

Evaluate your time and exam content area to set it all accordingly.

If you have little time for preparation, make sure to block out all your current commitments—study and extracurricular activities on the page. 

Remove all the activities that you can skip to study better, and it will not make any mess to maintain balance in life.

Divide Your Time

5-6 hours of study per day are necessary to cover the ASCP chemistry exam content areas.

You should divide this time wisely among each subject.

Make sure to know which subject demands a lot of attention and which can be handled by dedicating a minimum amount of time.

Practice is an integral part of performing well and retaining information, so fix the time for it in your ASCP chemistry study plan.

Essential Topics to Cover

Following are all the outlines that you need to navigate for ASCP chemistry exam preparation.

General Chemistry

  • Biochemical physiology and theory
  • Disease state correlation for lipids, and heme derivatives, carbohydrates.
  • Test result interpretation
  • Test techniques

Proteins and Enzymes

  • Interpretation of test result
  • Disease state correlation for enzymes, proteins, other nitrogen-containing compounds,.
  • Biochemical theory & physiology

Blood Gases, Acid-Base, & Electrolyte

  • Disease state correlation for determinations of acid-base, blood gases, and, electrolytes.
  • Biochemical theory & physiology
  • Test consequence interpretation

Special Chemistry

  • Biochemical theory & physiology
  • Test outcome interpretation
  • Disease state correlation for toxicology, vitamins, therapeutic drug monitoring, and, endocrinology.
  • Test methods

Laboratory Operation

  • Regulations
  • Instrumentation
  • Lab Mathematics
  • Quality assessment/troubleshooting
  • Compliance
  • Safety

Recommended Study Materials for ASCP Chemistry Preparation

To ace your exam content area, you must implement effective study materials in your ASCP study plan.

When it comes to getting effective study weapons, you must go for the MLSIA ASCP Chemistry Course, which is packed with awesome tools.

MLSIA ASCP Live Classes

  • In MLSIA ASCP chemistry classes, you will cover the entire exam content area under the supervision of ASCP-certified experts.
  • Here all the exam content areas are summarized visually.
  • The academy also records all the lectures: you can demand these recordings if you want to watch them again or have skipped your live session.

MLSIA ASCP Chemistry Study Guide

The MLSIA study guide is compiled by experts in the field which is a combination of many other books that the board determines for ASCP chemistry exam prep.

This study guide has the following features:

  • It is comprehensive and concentrates on covering the entire content with all its outlines.
  • A conclusive solution that navigates the content with no fluff.
  • All-in-one study options that consume the entire exam content area and reading list resources.
  • Make the content attractive by using multiple colors
  • Use visual illustrations to make content easy to understand.


The MLSIA QBank offers hundreds of questions that are derived from the entire exam content area.

From the MLSIA QBank, you will get

  • Topic-specific questions and answers
  • Chapter-specific questions and answers
  • Subject-specific questions and answers
  • Entire-syllabus questions and answers
  • Practice test
  • Mock Versions
  • MLSIA CAT Exam

All these question tools are designed to train the students for the ASCP C/SC final exam.

If you insert MLSIA ASCP Chemistry QBank into your ASCP chemistry study plan, you will become the master of your field quickly.

Study Tips and Strategies for ASCP Chemistry Exam Preparation

Two things are enough to make a difference in your preparation: one is study tools and the second is techniques or strategies that you use to cover the exam content area.

Always focus on choosing the best, regarding both.

Following are some study tips that are extracted from the practical experiences of ASCP-certified experts; hopefully, they will work for you.

Everyday Practice is Better

To uplift your preparation, you should practice the learning that you get on a daily basis.

For this, make sure to implement the MLSIA ASCP chemistry quizzes that are topic specific.

Never Bore Yourself During Study Sessions

You should fix 30 minutes for each session in your ASCP chemistry study plan. Because long sessions can bore you, and when you get knowledge with a tired mind, there is nothing you can do except waste time.

Therefore, make sure to change the subject, take a little break, or practice your learning after this session to keep your mind fresh and active.

Stick with Your ASCP Chemistry Study Plan

Only creating an ASCP chemistry study plan is not enough, it demands your full dedication and unwavering determination to make it successful.

At first, you may face some problems but after a few days, you become addicted so stick with it to maintain balance in life and prepare yourself for the C/SC exam according to your ASCP chemistry study plan.

Test Your Learning

Just reading is not enough for information retention, so make sure to test your learning by practicing in practice tests.

Use a pen and paper to review your content, it is the best way to keep information in your mind and improve the information retention phase.

Besides this, you should participate in MLSIA ASCP practice exams that are designed to train you for the final exam.

Practice Questions and Mock Exam

To practice your learning, you must depend on the MLSIA ASCP Chemistry QBank.

The MLSIA QBanks offer you a series of 100 MCQ practice tests that you can use according to your preferences.

You can practice your learning at any time with these practice tests.

Besides this, the MLSIA mock exam for ASCP chemistry preparation is the best way to fight against your fear of sitting in the final exam.

This mock exam is composed of 100 MCQs with one right answer that you have to cover in 180 minutes.

Review and Final Preparation

To review the content, you should use the ASCP chemistry flashcards, quizzes, practice tests, and mock versions.

If you are a subscriber to the MLSIA ASCP chemistry course, you will also get the opportunity to practice your learning in the MLSIA ASCP CAT exam.

The working process of this computer system is the same as the ASCP CAT.

Here you will clearly know the format of the final exam.,

If you want to taste the actual ASCP exam, make sure to participate in MLSIA CAT before going for the ASCP CAT.

What Do on the Exam Day

  • You should stop studying before midnight to take the proper rest because if your mind and body are tired, you cannot perform better in the exam.
  • Get up early and take a shower to refresh your mind
  • Eat healthy food that can stay with you for 4-5 hours, avoid using any sedative medicine, etc., before going for the exam.
  • Follow the exam center instructions and make sure to arrive at least half an hour before.
  • After starting the exam, do not waste time looking around, only focus on your computer screen and read all the questions carefully.
  • Choose the answers on which you are 100% sure, you can replace the answers if you choose any by mistake.

FAQs for ASCP Chemistry Study Plan

u003cstrongu003eWhy should I establish the ASCP chemistry study plan?u003c/strongu003e

By establishing the ASCP chemistry study plan, all things remain under your control, and you live a balanced life that prevents you from being irritated with a load of work.

u003cstrongu003eHow can I pass the ASCP chemistry (C/SC) exam?u003c/strongu003e

If you create an effective ASCP chemistry study plan and implement all the study tools effectively, you can pass the ASCP C/SC exam easily.

Resources: ASCP BOC.