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Why MLSIA ASCP Chemistry Study Guide For C/SC Exam?

MLSIA ASCP Chemistry Study Guide (C/SC)

But getting an ASCP chemistry study guide that condenses all the materials into one cover is like a miracle to ace the exam syllabus.


Author: Elshawadfy Abdelhalim, PhD, MLS(ASCP), SM, MB

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Preparing for the C ASCP chemistry technologist or SC ASCP chemistry specialist exam can be stressful for the candidates because they have to consume a large amount of information before the exam.

But getting an ASCP chemistry study guide that condenses all the materials into one cover is like a miracle to ace the exam syllabus.

How will it be possible to access a study guide that is a mixture of many books, especially ASCP BOC recommended books for C/SC ASCP exam preparation?

Of course, it is possible; you will get a comprehensive, conclusive, and all-in-one  ASCP chemistry study guide from, which is a part of MLSIA ASCP chemistry courses.

The MLSIAcademy is a prevalent academy in the market and has a dominant position over other academies due to its best services and strong history.

It has many years of experience and has won many awards for offering comprehensive study tools for ASCP exam preparation.

In this article, we will explain the reason why you should prefer the MLSIA ASCP chemistry study guide.

Besides this, You will also know the effective usage of study material to achieve the dual benefits.

Compiled by Expert Professors in the Field

According to one proverb: “A man is known by the company he keeps.”

Therefore, if you want to become an ASCP expert, you should get the company of ASCP experts.

All the materials that the MLSIAcademy offers, including the ASCP chemistry study guide, are compiled by ASCP-certified experts.

These experts also hold MSc and Ph.D. degrees with ASCP certification in chemistry.

The MLSIA ASCP chemistry study guide is not only a study tool but also a masterpiece of many ASCP-certified and qualified professors.

All-in-One Study Book

The MLSIA claims that its ASCP chemistry study guide is an all-in-one study option that eradicates the thought of buying other study material for C/SC ASCP exam preparation; once you get it.

From cover, it is only a book, but inside, it consumes many books and the entire ASCP chemistry exam syllabus.

Following are the books that the MLSIA ASCP chemistry study guide summarizes in it:

  • Contemporary Practice in Clinical Chemistry (4th edition)
  • Clinical Chemistry: Principles, Techniques, and Correlations (9th edition.)
  • Tietz Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics (9th edition.)
  • Tietz Textbook of Laboratory Medicine (7th edition)
  • Laboratory Safety: A Self-Assessment Workbook (2nd edition)
  • Complete Guide to Laboratory Safety (5th edition)
  • Clinical Laboratory Management (3rd edition)
  • Laboratory Management, Principles and Processes (4th edition)
  • Henry’s Clinical Diagnosis and Management by Laboratory Methods (24th edition)

Cover ASCP BOC Syllabus With No Fluff

If you enter the ASCP chemistry exam content area directly, it can dive you into its deep ocean of information.

So, ensure to get support from the MLSIA ASCP chemistry study guide to encompass the ASCP C/SC exam syllabus that summarizes all with no fluff.

Following are the outlines that are navigated into the ASCP chemistry study guide sponsored by

General Chemistry

  • Biochemical physiology and theory
  • Disease state correlation for lipids, heme derivatives, and carbohydrates,
  • Test result
  • Test techniques

Proteins and Enzymes

  • Proteins and all other nitrogen-containing compounds
  • Disease state correlation for enzymes
  • Interpretation of test result
  • Biochemical theory & physiology

Blood Gases, Acid-Base, & Electrolyte

  • Disease state correlation for blood gases, electrolytes, and determinations of acid-base.
  • Test consequence interpretation
  • Biochemical theory & physiology

Special Chemistry

  • Biochemical theory & physiology
  • Disease state correlation for therapeutic drug monitoring, endocrinology, toxicology, and vitamins.
  • Test result interpretation
  • Test methods

Laboratory Operation

  • Instrumentation
  • Safety
  • Quality assessment/troubleshooting
  • Laboratory Mathematics
  • Compliance
  • Regulations

Very Comprehensive, Conclusive, and To the Point

Despite the ASCP Board of Certification’s huge syllabus for the C/SC ASCP exam, the MLSIAcademy presents a comprehensive, conclusive, and to-the-point study guide.

  • Conclusive: It focuses on the most important content and removes any fluff that has no value in exam preparedness and is only a waste of time.
  • Comprehensive: A comprehensive solution that consumes the entire syllabus of the ASCP chemistry exam and reading list resources.
  • To-the-Point: It is to-the-point and explains only what you need to cover related to exam preparation without wasting words and time.

Beautifully Designed with Study Tools

The MLSIA experts not only concentrate on covering the ASCP C/SC exam syllabus but also make it easily digestible by implementing many techniques into its design.

  • Visual Illustration: It exemplifies the content with visual illustrations, including images, diagrams, charts, graphs, etc., to make it easy to understand.
  • Simple Vocabulary: It prefers to use simple words that can be understood by students of all intelligence levels. Besides this, it also describes the difficult vocabulary at the end of the chapter, if use any.
  • Colors: It highlights the content with color to make it more attractive for human memory.
  • Questions and Answers: At the end of each chapter, it offers questions and answers for your deep understanding.
  • Flashcards: The MLSIA ASCP chemistry guide also offers flashcards of each topic at the end of each chapter for your information retention.
  • Up-to-date: The academy modifies its study guide if the board makes any changes to its exam content area.

Easily Accessible

You do not need to install any specific software because it easily works on a mobile phone or desktop with an internet connection.

Due to its unmatchable features, you will be considering its budget.

Do not worry, its price is too low and falls in all students’ range.

Subscribe to the MLSIA ASCP chemistry course to get it with other study tools, including the ASCP chemistry live classes, ASCP chemistry practice questions and answers, and more.

Exclusive Only for MLSIA ASCP Chemistry Course Subscribers

Are you considering purchasing the MLSIA ASCP chemistry study guide by

You do not need to go anywhere because it is not available at any sale points.

To get it, you only need to subscribe to the MLSIA ASCP chemistry course, and it will be available to you on your room couch.

How to Study for the ASCP Chemistry Exam Effectively?

Never Get Content with Multiple Study Guides

If you use multiple study guides for preparation, you will be confused about the content and will not be able to consume it.
To get commands on learning and make them part of your memory so that you can retrieve the information when you want, you must utilize the one but comprehensive study guide.
To solve this problem, offers an ASCP chemistry study guide that is a mixture of many books.
You must use it to get the information because it is a comprehensive solution. 

Practice Should be Necessary

The knowledge you get to cover the exam content area only stays with you when you practice it.
Therefore, practice should be a necessary part of your study schedule.
For practice:
You must use the flashcards, and questions and answers that are described at the end of each chapter ( ASCP chemistry study guide)

The MLSIA C/SC prep course also presents a series of questions to review content.

Besides this, you will also get the practice test, mock test, and CAT test: all for your practice.

Create a Study Schedule

To remain on track and keep balance in life, the study schedule is a paramount tool.
You should establish a study schedule that explains all exam content areas elaborately.
First, you should determine the subjects and topics that are tough for you and require your extra time.
Study tips, tools, and techniques must be explained in your study plan.
Keep time for refreshment and review the content.

Consider Group Study

Studying in a group is many times more effective than studying alone.
In group study, you will work with many minds, so you can get the best solution for all your problems related to exam preparation.
For this, you must join the MLSIA ASCP chemistry video lectures.
Here, you can interact with professors and other classmates and ask any questions that appear in your mind during live sessions.

Here is All ASCP Courses by MLSIA.

Resources: ASCP BOC.

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