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ASCP Blood Banking Review Course

The ASCP Blood Banking Course program by is Your All in One Preparation Program To Pass The ASCP Exam. The Course Syllabus includes Blood Product, Blood Group System, Immunology and Physiology, Transfusion Practice, Laboratory Operations and Serologic and Molecular Testing. Course Program includes ASCP Blood Banking Live Online Classes, Video Recording Of Classes, MLSIA ASCP Blood Banking Study Guide, Study Plan and How To Pass Blood Banking Exam Action Plan and MLSIA QBanks.

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Repeat Frequency: Weekly

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Course Syllabus: What You Will Learn To Pass ASCP Blood Banking ASCP Exam?


  • Donors
  • Blood component types
  • Processing
  • Quality control of blood component
  • Storage

  • Blood group rules in transfusion
  • Genetics
  • Antigens/biochemistry
  • Immunoglobulins
  • Physiology of blood
  • Antibody-antigen interactions
  • Immune response
  • HDFN
  • Complement
  • Hemostasis &coagulation
  • Cytopenias
  • Transplantation
  • Instrumentation
  • Safety
  • Laboratory Mathematics
  • Lab administration (only for SBB ASCP)
  • Troubleshooting/ quality assessment
  • Transfusion indication
  • Extracorporeal & apheresis circulation
  • Patient blood management
  • Blood administration
  • Component therapy
  • Transfusion adverse effects
  • Instrumentation
  • Safety
  • Laboratory Mathematics
  • Lab administration (only for SBB ASCP)
  • Troubleshooting/ quality assessment

Why MLSIA ASCP Blood Banking Course?

Are you looking for the best resource that will help you navigate your ASCP BB technologist in blood banking or ASCP SBB specialist in blood banking exam content areas?

If you want to get all your study tools under one roof, you should subscribe to the MLSIA ASCP blood banking course review program by

The MLSIA has many years of experience in designing the preparation tools for ASCP certification.

The academy offers you a driving force that pushes you ahead toward your destination.

The following are all study tools that you will get after subscribing to the MLSIA ASCP blood banking course:

  • ASCP Blood Banking Live Classes
  • Recording of Classes
  • ASCP Blood Banking Study Guide
  • ASCP Blood Banking QBanks (Provide you Flashcards, Mock Exams, Cat Exam, ASCP Blood Banking Q&A, Practice Exams, and ASCP Blood Banking Quiz Modules)

With these services, the academy also offers you a proper study plan and instructions on how to pass the ASCP blood banking action plan.

In this article, we will explain all the services of the MLSIA ASCP blood banking course and also give you tips on how to pass the ASCP blood banking technologist or specialist exam successfully.

What is ASCP?

The ASCP (American Society for Clinical Pathology) is a certification agency that offers certificates to the entire lab team, including the technologist, specialist, technician, pathologist, and scientist.

It was founded in 1922, when there was no concept to determine professional experience and skills.

The current ASCP Board of Certification was established in 1928.

From its establishment to the current one, it has made various modifications to its profiles.

It has awarded more than 610, 000 certificates to lab teams.

Understanding the ASCP Blood Banking Certification

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Board of Certification (BOC) designed two certificates for the blood banking field.

These certificates are BB ASCP (technologist in blood banking) and SBB ASCP (specialist in blood banking).

Both these certificates also go to international candidates: BB ASCPi (international technologist in blood banking) and SBB ASCPi (international specialist in blood banking).

The power of both BB ASCP/ASCPi and SBB ASCP/ASCPi is equal but the specialist certificate is more powerful than the technologist certification.

Because, to get the SBB ASCP specialist in blood banking certificate, you have to learn advanced techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Eligibility Criteria for ASCP Blood Banking Certification

The ASCP Board of Certification determines the different eligibility routes for BB ASCP/ASCPi and SBB ASCP/ASCPi.

Eligibility Routes for Blood Banking Technologists


  • Route 1:  ASCP MLS credential and a baccalaureate degree
  • Route 2: Blood banking clinical experience and biological science or chemistry baccalaureate degree with a combination of 30 semester hrs in biology and chemistry.
  • Route 3: Blood banking structured program sponsored by the  NAACLS-accredited Medical Laboratory Scientist Program and chemistry or biological science baccalaureate degree with a combination of 30-semester hrs in biology & chemistry.
  • Route 4: Six months of clinical experience in blood banking and a master’s degree in allied health, microbiology, or related field.
  • Route 5: Medical Lab Scientist Program by NAACLS and bachelor’s degree in medical lab science, or bachelor’s degree with the combination of 30-semester hrs in bio and chemistry.


  • Route 1: ASCPi MLS credential & a baccalaureate degree
  • Route 2:  One year of blood banking clinical experience and biological science or chemistry baccalaureate degree with a combination of 30 semester hrs in biology and chemistry.
  • Route 3:  Blood Banking clinical training program and baccalaureate degree in biological science or chemistry with a combination of 30 semester hrs in biology and chemistry.
  • Route 4: Master’s degree in microbiology, immunology,  allied health, or related field and clinical experience in blood banking (6 months).
  • Route 5: Medical lab training program and Medical Laboratory Science baccalaureate degree.

Eligibility Requirement for Blood Banking Specialist


  • Route 1: Specialist in Blood Bank Technology program sponsored by CAAHEP and baccalaureate degree with chemistry and biology course.
  • Route 2: BB/MLS certification,baccalaureate degree, and blood banking clinical experience (three years).
  • Route 3: Master’s degree in microbiology, chemistry, immunohematology, or other related field and three years of blood banking clinical experience.
  • Route 4: Doctorate in biology, microbiology, or other appropriately related field, clinical blood banking two-year post-doctoral fellowship or clinical experience in blood banking (two years).
  • ROute 5:  ASCP BB/MLS credential, baccalaureate degree, and clinical blood banking three years of experience as an academic educator.
  • Route 6:  Clinical blood banking experience (three years)  as an academic educator and master’s degree in an appropriately related field.
  • Route 7: ASCP MLS/BB certificate, Doctorate in biology, chemistry, immunohematology or other related fields,  Blood banking clinical experience (one year), Or blood banking research experience (one year).


  • Route 1:  Blood Banking clinical training program of a one-year post-baccalaureate and baccalaureate degree in chemistry or biological science
  • Route 2: BB ASCP/ASCPi or MLS ASCP/ASCPi, baccalaureate degree, and  blood banking clinical experience of three years.
  • Route 3: Three years of  blood banking clinical experience and master’s degree in relevant subjects.
  • Route 4: MLS ASCP/ASCPi or BB ASCP/ASCPi credential,  a baccalaureate degree, and  academic educator  three year experience in clinical blood banking.
  • Route 5: Clinical blood banking of three years as an academic educator and master’s degree in appropriately related field

How to Pass the ASCP Blood Banking Exam Preparation Tips?

Comprehend the ASCP Blood Banking Exam Syllabus

For the ASCP blood banking exam, there is no way to pass it except to overcome the entire exam syllabus.
Therefore, you should understand its exam content area clearly.
For both BB ASCP and SBB ASCP, the ASCP Board of Certification determines the six exam content areas.
The following is the exam content area and their question percentage regarding the exams:
Blood products: 15 – 20% for BB ASCP but 10 – 15% for SBB ASCP
Blood group system: 15 – 20% for both BB/SBB ASCP
Immunology & physiology: 10 – 20% for BB ASCP but 15-25% for SBB ASCP
Serologic & molecular testing: 20-25% for both exam
Transfusion practice: 15-20% for both exam
Laboratory operation: 5-10% for BB ASCP and 10-15% for SBB ASCP
You should navigate all the exam content areas with outlines that the ASCP BOC describes.

Take Part in the Practice Exams

To perform well, you should participate in practice exams.
The following are the benefits of practice exams:
You will cover the exam content area by getting a strong grip, even on a single topic.
Improve your time management skills and learn how to cover all the questions in a given time frame.
Introduce you to the format of the final exam
Transfer your learning from short-form memory to long-form memory
Improve your information retention phase

The MLSIA QBanks offer many tools, including flashcards, mock exams, practice exams, ASCP blood banking Q&A modules, and ASCP blood banking quiz modules, to practice your learning.
To access the ASCP blood bank quiz module, you should join the MLSIA ASCP blood banking course by MLSIAcademy.

BB/SBB ASCP Exam Format

Whether your target certificate is BB ASCP/ASCPi blood banking technologist or SBB ASCP/ASCPi blood banking specialist, the board conducts the same format exam for all certifications.
The ASCP blood banking exams consist of 100 multiple-choice questions, each with one correct answer.
The given time frame for these exams is 2 hours and 30 minutes.
CAT (computer adaptive testing) is the format of ASCP blood banking exams.
This computer displays difficult questions based on your correct answers and easy questions based on your incorrect answers.
0-999 is the total score range for ASCP blood banking and 400 is the minimum score that you must get to achieve certificates.

Subscribe to the ASCP Blood Banking Course At the Right Time

Before applying for the ASCP BB blood banking technologist or ASCP SBB blood baking specialist exam, you should subscribe to the ASCP blood banking course immediately.
Which ASCP blood banking course claims to cover the BB/SBB ASCP exam content area in a minimum amount of time?
The MLSIAcademy claims to encompass your exam content area in a short amount of time.
Besides this, you will get 100% success with a great score in your first trial after getting the ASCP blood banking course.

Schedule Your Timetable

The establishment of the ASCP blood banking study schedule is crucial to maintaining balance in life.
You should create your study plan wisely by implementing all vital study tools.
If you have enough time for preparation, you can deal with it according to you, but if you want to cover the ASCP blood banking exam content area in a minimum amount of time, you should dedicate 5-6 hrs per day to studying.
You should divide your time between all the subjects accurately, make sure to give a little extra time to subjects with a higher percentage than the subjects with a lower percentage.

Exam Registration and Fee

  • To apply for the ASCP blood banking exam, you must follow the below instructions:
  • Determines your certification category, BB ASCP/ASCPi or SBB ASCP/ASCPi, and meets at least one route requirement.
  • Create your account on the ASCP official website or login to open it if you already have an account.
  • Verify your contact information and complete the application form
  • Enter all required documents in the PDF format (file should not be longer than 10 MB)
  • Your official transcript must be sent directly by your institution’s authority to BOC.
  • Submit the application fee and complete your application if it has any deficiencies.

ASCP Blood Banking Application Fee:

The application fee for BB (ASCP) is $250 and for BB (ASCPi), it is $ 210.

But if you want to apply for SBB (ASCP), you have to pay $300, and for SBB (ASCPi) $260.

After the Exam What Next

If you pass the exam, you will receive your score report within 4 business days after taking the exam.

Your score report describes your passing score and certification expiration date.

After three years, you have to renew your certification by participating in the CMP (Credential Maintenance Program)  program.

To participate in this program, you must earn CMP points (36 points) during your active years.

But, if you have failed the ASCP blood banking exam, you should not hurry to apply for retake exam.

First, get your score report and determine the area in which you got the minimum score, and make sure to repeat it.

You can apply for a retake exam after 90 days of your first exam.

Continuous Education and Career Advancement

The ASCP Board of Certification presents continuous education and career advancement programs to introduce professionals to the latest technologies.

By participating in continuous education programs, you can get your CMP points to renew your certificate.

Conclusion for ASCP Blood Banking Course by

Getting the ASCP BB technologist in blood banking or ASCP SBB specialist in blood banking certificate has never been easy.

You have to put in all-out efforts to overcome exam content area and exam.

But, if you trust the MLSIA ASCP blood banking course by MLSIAcademy, you can encompass all complications regarding preparation and examination with ease.

At MLSIA, you will get all the essential tools to learn and review your entire exam content area.

MLSIA experts are struggling a lot to eliminate your struggle to achieve the ASCP BB/SBB certification.

Resources: ASCP BOC.