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Dr. Emily Carter

Chief Medical Laboratory Scientist, City Hospital

The MLS ASCP Certification course was a game-changer. The comprehensive material and expert guidance prepared me thoroughly for the exam. It has significantly boosted my professional credibility.

Michael Johnson

Senior Lab Technician, MedTech Laboratories

The MLT ASCP course offered by MLSi Academy was instrumental in my career. The detailed curriculum and practical insights helped me excel in the certification exam.

Sarah Lee

Molecular Biologist, Genetech Research Institute

This MB ASCP Certification Prep course is unmatched. It provided me with a deep understanding of molecular biology essentials, crucial for my ASCP exam success.

Kevin Brooks

Microbiology Department Head, Advanced Diagnostics

As a specialist in microbiology, this SM ASCP course was a perfect fit. The curriculum was detailed and the instructors were knowledgeable, enhancing my expertise significantly.

Linda Zhao

Microbiology Technologist, HealthCorp Clinics

The M ASCP course at MLSi Academy provided me with a robust foundation in microbiology. The practical examples and in-depth discussions were extremely beneficial.

More bout MLSIA Programs

ASCP courses are the only way for pathologists and medical laboratory professionals looking to bag the highly esteemed ASCP credential.

The ASCP courses are designed to prepare you for the best jobs in a specialized field of your choice.

While the ASCP course is there to equip you with the right skills and knowledge to excel in your field, earning an ASCP credential is the proof.

Even in pathology and clinical laboratory fields with seemingly more job opportunities, getting the best available jobs quickly gets comparatively difficult if you don’t have the proper certification.

ASCP certification opens the door to more pay, better job opportunities, and professional recognition regardless of where you reside.

Whether your passion is in pathology or different aspects of medical laboratory (technician, technologist, or scientist), your ASCP certification makes you eligible for more lucrative jobs in your field.

It gives you the confidence to negotiate for better pay.

Furthermore, earning an ASCP certificate proves to your employer and coworkers that you’re competent in your field.

If you reside outside the U.S., getting an ASCP credential can improve your chances of gaining entry into the U.S. and professional licensure in many countries across the globe.

But is that all to ASCP courses?

What is ASCP Certification?

The ASCP, or American Society for Clinical Pathology, headquartered in the US, aims to improve the professional and personal lives of all pathologists and clinical laboratory professionals.

The organization, which started off by improving the practice of pathology and clinical laboratory science in the U.S. soon grew into a worldwide phenomenon.

Today, the ASCP offers immense networking opportunities, career advocacy, continuing education, and one of the most sought-after professional credentialing.

The American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification (BOC) is solely responsible for offering certification.

The ASCP BOC assesses applicants on knowledge, skills, and experience.

To earn the ASCP certificate, you must first meet at least one of the various eligibility criteria.

After that, you can apply for the certification and take the exam.

Passing the ASCP certification exam earns you an ASCP certificate.

This superb career feat proves that you’re very competent in your field.

Types of ASCP Certifications

Technologists & Scientists Certificates

    • Medical Laboratory Scientist, MLS(ASCP)
    • Technologist in Blood Banking, B.B. (ASCP)
    • Technologist in Chemistry, C(ASCP)
    • Technologist in Cytogenetics, C.G. (ASCP)
    • Cytologist, CT(ASCP)
    • Technologist in Hematology, H(ASCP)
    • Histotechnologist, HTL(ASCP)
    • Technologist in Microbiology, M(ASCP)
    • Technologist in Molecular Biology, MB(ASCP)


ASCP Specialist Certificates

    • Specialist in Blood Banking, SBB(ASCP)
    • Specialist in Chemistry, SC(ASCP)
    • Specialist in Cytology, SCT(ASCP)
    • Cytometry, SCYM(ASCP)
    • Specialist in Hematology, S.H. (ASCP)
    • Specialist in Microbiology, S.M. (ASCP)
    • Specialist in Molecular Biology, SMB(ASCP)

Technician ASCP Certifications

    • Medical Laboratory Technician, MLT(ASCP)
    • Histotechnician, HT(ASCP)
    • Medical Laboratory Assistant, MLA(ASCP)
    • Phlebotomy Technician, PBT(ASCP)


Other ASCP Certifications

    • Diplomate in Laboratory Management, DLM(ASCP)
    • Diplomate in Medical Laboratory Immunology, DMLI(ASCP)
    • Pathologists’ Assistants, PA(ASCP)

Top ASCP Courses for Certification

While it pays to get an ASCP course, you must be careful and go for only the best course that guarantees success in ASCP certification exam. offers one of the best and most reliable ASCP certification exam courses.

Whether it’s your first time taking the ASCP exam or you’ve taken it before with no luck, the MLSIA ASCP course will give you breakthrough.

The MLSIA ASCP course programs by offers:

    • Live online classes
    • Recording of classes
    • Study plan after each class
    • MLSIA Study guide for each certificate
    • MLSIA QBank
    • How to Pass ASCP exam action plan


MLS ASCP Exam Course Curriculum, What You’ll Learn?

    • Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine
    • Chemistry
    • Hematology
    • Microbiology
    • Immunology
    • Urinalysis And Other Body Fluids
    • Laboratory Operations (in list format for all courses)


MLT ASCP Exam Course Curriculum, What You’ll Learn?

    • Blood Banking
    • Chemistry
    • Hematology
    • Microbiology
    • Immunology
    • Urinalysis And Other Body Fluids

ASCP Chemistry Course

C/SC ASCP Chemistry Course Curriculum, What You’ll Learn?

    • General Chemistry
    • Proteins And Enzymes
    • Acid-Base, Blood Gases And Electrolytes
    • Special Chemistry
    • Laboratory Opertaions

ASCP Microbiology Course

M/SM ASCP Microbiology Course curriculum, What You’ll Learn?

    • Analytic Procedures For Bacteriology
    • Analytic Procedures For Mycobacteriology, Virology, Parasitology, And Mycology
    • Preanalytic Procedures
    • Laboratory Operations

ASCP Hematology Course

H/SH ASCP Hematology Course curriculum, What You’ll Learn?

    • Hematology Laboratory Testing
    • Hematology Disease States
    • Hemostasis
    • Hematology Physiology

ASCP Blood banking Course

BB/SBB ASCP Blood Banking Course curriculum, What You’ll Learn?

    • Serologic And Molecular Testing
    • Immunology And Physiology
    • Blood Group Systems
    • Blood Products
    • Transfusion Practice
    • Laboratory Operations

ASCP Cytology Course

CT/SCT ASCP Cytology Course, What You’ll Learn?

    • Gynecological Cytology
    • Non-Gynecological Cytology
    • Fine needle aspiration and other
    • Laboratory operations

ASCP Molecular Biology Course

MB/ SMB ASCP Molecular Biology Course curriculum, What You’ll Learn?

    • Molecular Science
    • Molecular Techniques
    • Application of Molecular Testing
    • Laboratory Operations

ASCP Cytogenetics Course

CG ASCP Cytogenetics Course curriculum, What You’ll Learn?

    • Specimen Preparation, Culture, And Harvest
    • Chromosome Analysis and Imaging
    • Molecular Cytogenetic Testing
    • Laboratory Operations

ASCP Histotechnology Course

HTL ASCP Histotechnology Course curriculum, What You’ll Learn?

    • Embedding/Microtomy
    • Staining
    • Fixation
    • Processing
    • Lab operations

ASCP Cytometry Course

SCYM ASCP Cytometry Course curriculum, What You’ll Learn?

    • Applications
    • Instrumentation
    • Panel/Experiment Design
    • Data
    • Laboratory Operation

ASCP Histotechnician Course

HT ASCP Course curriculum, what you Will Learn?

    • Embedding/Microtomy
    • Staining
    • Fixation
    • Processing
    • Lab operations

ASCP Phlebotomy Course

PBT(ASCP) Course curriculum, what you Will Learn?

    • Specimen Collection
    • Non-Blood Specimens
    • Specimen Handling, Transport, And Processing
    • Circulatory System
    • Waived And Point-Of-Care Testing (Poct)
    • Specimen Preparation And Processing

ASCP Medical Lab Assistant Course

MLA (ASCP) Course curriculum, What you Will Learn?

    • Support For Clinical Testing
    • Patient Registration And Specimen Collection
    • Specimen Preparation And Processing
    • Waived And Point-Of-Care Testing
    • Laboratory Operations

Factors To Consider When Choosing an ASCP Course

ASCP Courses are designed to help you pass the tough ASCP exam, ultimately earning the ASCP Certification that will set you on the right career path.

Here are things you must consider when choosing an ASCP course.

Who Is Behind the Course?

Before you part ways with your hard-earned money or spend your time consuming what you believe can help you pass the ASCP certification exam, take your time and find out who is/are behind the course.

Only sign up from a verified and approved academy like the MLSIAcademy.

MLSIA has been around for years and has the best hands to help you succeed.

Consider The Course Syllabus

Take your time to analyze each course content area.

Consider how the knowledge and skills align with what is obtainable in your career and ASCP BOC content guidelines.

MLSIA offers super-packed ASCP exam courses that covers all the core ASCP BOC exam content areas and reading lists.

Test Practice Questions

Before getting an ASCP course, verify if you’ll have access to ASCP exam practice questions.

Test practice helps you get familiar with the actual exam questions.

It is only right that you have a feel of what it takes to pass the exam.

Study Materials

To get the best value for your money, go for courses that offer all the BOC test materials and content areas in a simplified format.

MLSIAcademy offers the most comprehensive, conclusive, and unified ASCP exam study material that guarantees you nothing but success.

Course Package

Before you buy any ASCP course, ask yourself, ‘Beyond the study materials and recorded classes, is there more this course can offer me?’

A good course should be able to offer you more than just the usual study materials and occasional practice questions.

MLSIA offers the most concise ASCP exam material, the best tutors, flexible live classes with recordings, ASCP exam tips, and career success guide.

Quality of Tutors

You need to be sure that all directions and guidance you’d be getting are coming from professionals who have gone the road before you.

One thing about going for the MLSIA ASCP course is that you get instructions and tips from ASCP-certified pathologists and laboratory professionals who are committed to helping others earn the credential.

Course Pattern

Lastly, flexibility is one of the core factors to consider when looking for an ASCP course.

A great ASCP course like the MLSIA understands that your schedule could get tight.

And as such, MLSIA offers the most flexible courses.

You can always catch up on any missed class and still get to ask questions and get answers.

When you register for an ASCP course and dedicate your time to it, it’s an investment.

It’s only suitable that you consider your return on investment.

Beyond the content areas of ASCP courses and your ability to understand each content area, always look for extra value benefits.

Besides helping you get better jobs and higher pay, ASCP courses have so much to offer.

Preparing for ASCP Certification Exams

The ASCP certification exam guarantees career success but comes with a price.

First, you must meet the eligibility requirements to become certified in your chosen field. Then, you can apply and decide when to take the ASCP certification exam.

Preparing for the ASCP certification exams is where the bulk load lies.

Like any other exam, how well you prepare for the ASCP exam determines your success rate.

To prepare better for the ASCP exam, register for the MLSIA ASCP Exam Preparation course.

The MLSIAcademy’s ASCP exam preparation course covers all aspects needed for success in your ASCP exam.

When you sign up, you get access to,

    • Comprehensive study materials
    • Live webinars
    • ASCP Test Practice & Answers
    • Proven ASCP Exam Study Tips
    • ASCP Exam reading lists & Content Areas covered in All-in-one study guide book

Although there’s no one-way method to success in the ASCP exam.

But subscribing to the MLSIA ASCP Exam prep course has proven to be a reliable way of boosting your chance of success with the ASCP exam.

ASCP Certification Application Process

Earning an ASCP certificate is critical to your career growth.

Deciding to go for this credential is a bold career move.

To get started with the ASCP application,

    • Determine The Category/Exam Route
    • Gather the necessary document
    • Create an account online or log in to your existing ASCP account
    • Submit application fee
    • Submit the required documents (you have 45 business days to do that)
    • If approved, contact Pearson Vue to schedule your exam (you have three-month window)

What About Eligibility Criteria?

While the ASCP Board of Certification (BOC) offers many certifications, each comes with its set of eligibility requirements and routes.

Your choice of route of eligibility reflects on the education, training, and experience you have received.

All ASCP certification category requires you to satisfy at least one of the eligibility routes.

ASCP MLS certification exam generally requires a bachelor’s degree and 5 years of lab experience or studied MLS accredited program instead of the 5 years.

ASCP technologist exams require a bachelor’s degree and 1 year of experience.

ASCP specialist exams require a bachelor’s degree, postgraduate degrees including an MSc or Ph.D., and 3-5 years of experience.

ASCP technician exams require an associate degree (Diploma) and lab experience.

ASCP courses are not just about earning an ASCP certification—a stepping stone to your career future.

It represents all the benefits having an ASCP certification will offer you.

What are you seeking for?

Better job?

Higher pay?


Career relevancy?

Passing the ASCP exam and earning the credential will make all that possible.

However, you need an ASCP course.

MLSIA offers the very best ASCP courses.

It’s never too late to make that career-changing decision.

No matter how old you are or how many years you’ve been in practice.

MLSIA ASCP course can offer you the emotional and financial rewards you deserve.

Make the move today.